Tyre Repairs at Depot, or On The Move.

The Penny Hydraulics tyre press range is perfect for the removal of solid forklift tyres. Mobile and static options give you the flexibility to fix at a depot or at the site of the breakdown.

Penny Hydraulics offer tyre fitting and lifting solutions to suit your needs. Our tyre products ensure your business can continue to run efficiently with the flexibility to fit and repair tyres at a depot or on the move.


Benefits of Tyre Industry Solutions in the Workplace

  • Safety – Our products reduce the risk of vehicular incidents as well as manual handling injuries in the workplace.
  • Increased Efficiency – Maintain an efficient workplace without any delays due to tyre issues. With these products, repairs and fittings can be completed both on the move and at a depot to ensure your work day isn’t disrupted.
  • Adhere to legislation – It is the law to put sensible health and safety measures in place to prevent injury. Penny Hydraulics’ range of lifting equipment can help.
  • Designed & Manufactured in the UK – Penny Hydraulics are UK Lift Manufacturers with a purpose built factory in North Derbyshire. Our range of Tyre Press’ and Single Wheel Lifts are designed by our team of design engineers and manufactured on site giving us amazing flexibility.

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Related Products

120 Tonne Mobile Tyre Press

The 120-tonne mobile press is a trailer-mounted press designed to change solid tyres up to 380mm diameter.


Wide Frame 150 Tonne Tyre Press

The high capacity 150 tonne static Tyre Press Extra from Penny Hydraulics is the largest machine of its type made by the company and is suitable for larger solid and industrial tyres.


150 Tonne Static Tyre Press

The 150 tonne static Tyre Press from Penny Hydraulics is suitable for a complete range of solid and industrial tyres in busy workshops and tyre service depots.

Tyre Press

120 Tonne Static Tyre Press

The 120 tonne static Tyre Press from Penny Hydraulics is suitable for a wide range of solid and industrial tyres in busy workshops and tyre service depots.


LoadLift Single Wheel Lift Type

The LoadLift Single Wheel Lift solves lifting and re-treading problems associated with large vehicle tyres.


SideLift 250

Designed for 3.5 to 17 tonne vehicles, SideLift 250 enables deliveries to be made directly onto the kerbside.


Increased Efficiency

The use and replacement of correct tyre’s on forklifts trucks and other workshop or warehouse equipment allows for an increased efficiency of moving goods around facilities.


Save Manpower

Having an in house tyre press allows for quick tyre replacement to be done without outsourcing manpower to complete the task.


Adhere to Legislation

It is a legal requirement to have safe and frequently checked machinery and equipment. Penny Hydraulics can provide you with a tyre press to ensure all machinery is safe to use.

High Risk

Avoid Mistakes

While using equipment that worn or ageing tyres, the likelihood of mistakes is increased.

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