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In the leisure industry, you need to keep suspended attractions looking their best to attract visitors. But you can’t afford too much downtime, otherwise, you risk losing revenue.

Cleaning, maintaining, and installing suspended items can be an extensive and costly task, especially when there’s so much at stake. With so much at risk, including staff and item safety, you need to maintain your attractions safely and efficiently.

At Penny Hydraulics, we design and supply raising and lowering winch systems, for a cost-effective solution that reduces downtime and removes safety risks.

Leeds Town Hall – Chandelier Winch – Solution – Light Down

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Tatlin Glider

Perfect for a variety of attractions.

Our equipment is perfect for lighting installations, paintings, information boards, theatres, art installations and more. Allowing maintenance of otherwise inaccessible attractions from ground level.

We offer a complete design package and work closely with our clients and structural engineers through all stages of a project. We also offer thorough product training.

As well as providing standard specification products, we also specialise in bespoke configurations, working collaboratively with customers to ensure they receive a solution that helps them overcome their challenges and succeed.

We also offer a chandelier weighing service and hanging point testing to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

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Lifting equipment used under LOLER

How Penny Hydraulics Can Help

High Risk

Reduced Risk

Raising and lowering winch systems eliminate the need to work at height, so ariel installations can be cleaned and maintained safely.

decreased downtime

Decreased Downtime

Raising and lowering winch systems are simple and quick to operate – there’s no costly, time-consuming access equipment needed.


Enhanced Precision

Raising and lowering winch systems enable full item access so you can clean, move, or maintain them with precision.

expensive mistakes

Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Without a raising and lowering winch system you risk making an expensive mistake if something goes wrong.

Leeds Town Hall – Chandelier Winch Systems Speed Up Efficiency and Improve Safety

“The aftercare services that Penny Hydraulics offer is excellent, they’re only a phone call away to give you peace of mind. I am very satisfied with the service Penny supplied with these winches; I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone else thinking of using them.”

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