Overcome challenges, satisfy requirements.

When working to fulfil a brief you need equipment designed specifically for the challenges you face and the requirements you must satisfy.

Penny Hydraulics can help.

We use the latest CAD modelling software to develop solutions that overcome manual handling challenges. Our experienced design team, led by a Chartered Engineer, work with you to provide workable models of standard products to fit in with your wider vision.


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Leeds Town Hall – Chandelier Winch – Brief – Inside

High quality solutions

We’ve worked in a number of exceptional buildings, such as the Royal Palaces and the British Museums to offer a range of raising and lowering systems and good lifts designed to enhance efficiency and conquer limitations.

As well as offering standard specification products, we also specialise in bespoke configurations, working collaboratively with our customers to ensure they receive a solution that works best for them, the space available and their needs.

Previous projects have included chandelier systems for Royal Palaces, a tilting roof to a wood chip store and a crane to install the glazing to the British Museum. We also have close links with Hallam University, the National Fluid Power Centre and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre should we need assistance.

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Related Products

Mezzanine Floor Goods Lifts

Mezzanine floor lifts can lift up to 1000kg and enable users to move goods safely and efficiently between two or more floors.

MezLight 250kg Goods Lift

Chandelier Winch Systems

Chandelier Winch Systems designed to make chandeliers and other luminaires more accessible for cleaning and maintenance or to enhance functionality.


High Bay Winch Systems

Suitable for museums, school halls, sports centres, airports, breweries, factories, waste facilities, hangars, and workshops.


Custom Winch Applications

If you need something raising and lowering, we can design it. Our extensive range of projects includes flying tables, artwork, glazing, yoga floors and more.



The Penny Hydraulics Bay Lift is ideal for lifting and handling loads between different levels where the height difference is less than two metres, such as loading bays and docks.


Lightwell Lifts

Perfect for the movement of goods from below street level to the pavement. Particularly useful in densely populated inner-city locations.


How Penny Hydraulics Products Help


Fulfil Briefs

With a broad product catalogue, we have a product that can fulfil your needs and in turn your brief.


Save Manpower

Lifting solutions help to increase efficiency by reducing the amount of time spent conducting manual handling tasks.

Adhere to Legislation

It is the law to put sensible health and safety measures in place to prevent and avoid injury. Penny Hydraulics’ range of lifting equipment can help you do that.

High Risk

Avoid Mistakes

Without appropriate lifting solutions you risk making an expensive mistake if something goes wrong.

Leeds Town Hall – Chandelier Winch Systems Speed Up Efficiency and Improve Safety

“The aftercare services that Penny Hydraulics offer is excellent, they’re only a phone call away to give you peace of mind. I am very satisfied with the service Penny supplied with these winches; I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone else thinking of using them.”

Warehouse Systems Ltd / Rockshop Wholesale

We’ve worked with Penny Hydraulics for a number of years on numerous projects. Like ourselves at WSL, they offer a full design, manufacturing and installation service – making their product agile for the customer. Working with Penny Hydraulics is always a pleasure, and we were glad that they could be involved in this project to provide the Rockshop with the complete solution from Mezzanine floor, to specialist shelving and a goods lift.
NICOLA CHARING – WSL View case study

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