Hydraulic Cranes for Trailers

Whether you’re a small business delivering bags of logs, or a larger utilities / rail company moving heavy equipment or large pumps, you’ll no doubt need some help to load the items on and off your trailer.

When it comes to using trailers commercially, there are certain regulations and legislation that encourage the use of mechanical handling devices. With incorrect manual handling being one of the most common causes of injury at work, Manual Handling Operations Regulations state that no man should attempt to lift anything heavier than 25kg and a woman’s maximum limit is less at 16kg. The regulations state that wherever reasonably practicable, manual handling should be automated, and the use of mechanical aids is encouraged.


Our Trailer Crane Range

Twin Axle Trailer + Hydraulic Crane

Indespension twin axle trailer with PH110 hydraulic crane fitted. 990kg max working load, capable of lifting 250kg at 3.7m, the trailer crane combo has a remaining payload of 1330kg.


Tri Axle Trailer + Hydraulic Crane

Indespension tri axle trailer with your choice of hydraulic crane fitted. Choose from a PH110, 150, 180 or 230 each with their own reach and lifting capacity.


Supply Only Cranes for Trailers

Already got a trailer? No problem! Choose from our range of supply only hydraulic cranes suitable for trailer cranes.


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Working with Indespension Trailers to bring you an off-the-shelf solution

Adding a crane to a trailer can be tricky; sourcing the right trailer, the right crane and then calculating payload, stability, towing weight and noseweight can be daunting. Getting it wrong risks you damaging your trailer, your vehicle, the items you’re lifting and in the worst case scenario you can risk injury to the operator and others in close proximity.

Penny Hydraulics has teamed up with trusted trailer manufacturer Indespension to develop a complete safe solution, ready to drive away. We’ve done all the hard work for you, so you don’t need to consider:

  • Stability calculations
  • Remaining payload
  • Noseweight etc

As they have all been factored into the design.

We’ll also test and commission the trailer before it leaves us, so you do not need to worry about the trailer crane being compliant with regulations. All you need to do is pick the right solution for your needs – we’ve already done all the technical work, it’s simple!

No Hidden Costs

Unlike other trailer cranes on the market, we include everything in the price. This includes counterweights  / ballast to ensure that the noseweight is within acceptable parameters. We also test every trailer crane conversion to understand if it is fit for purpose and safe for use – we will not allow unfit / untested trailer crane conversions on to the road.


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