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Penny Hydraulics offer a wide range of Terrain Cranes.

Penny Hydraulics design and manufacture a diverse range of cranes to suit both military spec and domestic all terrain vehicles, including Kawasaki Mules, Unimogs, Land Rovers and Polaris Quad Bikes.

Crane applications vary from the PH510L with 5.1vt/m capacity and just under 7m boom reach for loading heavy plant, machinery and even tank batteries, to the SwingLift Miniloader 150, fitted to all-terrain quads to aid the repair and service of firing range target motors and gearboxes.

Domestic applications include cranes and winches for farming and forestry activities in remote areas where standard vehicles fitted wit lifting and winching equipment would prove inadequate.

Hydraulic cranes can be supplied with fixed proportional controls, wander lead or remote control.

Electric cranes can be simply powered via the vehicle's own 12 or 24 volt battery and controlled via a wander lead remote control or optional radio remote.

All Penny Hydraulic cranes can be painted or powder coated to individual customer specifications where required.


  • Suitable for military and domestic all terrain vehicles
  • Ideal for farming and forestry activities where standard vehicles fitted with lifting and winching equipment would prove inadequate


  • Verying crane applications from the V20 & FV1200 hydraulics cranes with up to 2 tonne capacity to The ML150 with 150kg capacity
  • Remote control
  • Fixed proportional controls
  • 12V or 24V
  • Powder coating

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