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Our range of ultra-lightweight SwingLift electric cranes are suitable for both van and pick-up installations for a wide range of applications.

SwingLift Crane

Hydraulic ‘PH’ Cranes

Our latest range, PH Cranes, now incorporate full hydraulic control for even the lightest units.

Hydraulic PH Crane

Why choose a mounted crane?

Health and Safety

Avoid accidents – 1 in 3 accidents at work are caused by manual handling. Using mechanical aids eliminate the need for heavy lifting.

Increase productivity – Allow your workforce to increase their productivity, saving manpower, time and money.


Lightweight and compact – Our cranes and loading platforms require little space to operate with a low impact on vehicle payload.


Regulation compliant – All truck-mounted cranes from Penny Hydraulics are built to comply with industry regulations.

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Why vehicle mounted lifting equipment?


1 in 3 accidents at work are caused by manual handling

The HSE state that a massive 1 in 3 accidents at work are caused by manual handling. Using mechanical lifting aids such as a crane or hydraulic loading platform can eliminate the need for heavy lifting.


Increased productivity

Cranes and loading platforms allow your workforce to expand their capabilities and increase their productivity. A crane or loading platform can reduce a 2 – 3 person task to a single person, saving money and allowing you to utilise your workforce more effectively.


Lightweight and compact

Penny Hydraulics’ range of vehicle-mounted cranes and loading platforms require little space to operate and only take up a small portion of the payload of your vehicle, leaving your team to carry out their job confidently and efficiently.

Not sure which lifting solution is right for you?

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Made to order

Our SwingLift and LoadLift ranges are built from start to finish right here in the United Kingdom, plus we fabricate sub-frames for the PH hydraulic crane range in-house. This means we can customise a crane to create bespoke lifting solutions that solve your unique problems for your business.

Service and maintenance

Choosing the right product for your company is important and it’s equally as important to stay on top of its upkeep. We offer comprehensive servicing contracts that ensure your vehicle mounted cranes are in full working order.

Plus, regular checks and maintenance by a competent party are required by many industry regulations. As the manufacturer, we have a unique understanding of our products, allowing us to deliver a quality service with safety in mind.


Vehicle mounted crane FAQs

What is the lead time for a crane?


Our truck-mounted cranes typically have a lead time of 4–6 weeks from when you place the order.

What is the lead time for a hydraulic loading platform for a commercial vehicle?


Loading platforms typically have a lead time of 6–8 weeks from when you place the order.

Can any crane be fitted to any vehicle?


In a word, no. It is important to consider vehicle stability, payload and axle loadings when specifying vehicle-mounted cranes.

We have to consider the carrying capacity of the vehicle and the realistic possible weight of the mounted crane after accounting for any other auxiliary items (such as vehicle racking) and passengers.

The strength of the vehicle body and whether it can support the crane must also be considered. That being said, there is often work we can do to strengthen the body to a sufficient level to support the crane.

Our Area Sales Managers are experts in this topic and they will guide you through this, letting you know what models will be suitable for your vehicle.

What information do you need from me to specify a crane or loading platform?


To be able to specify a crane or loading platform we would need to know:

  • The type of vehicle
  • The voltage of the vehicle
  • How you want to load the goods
  • The weight of the goods you are wanting to lift

Can Penny Hydraulics cranes be PTO driven?


Yes, the cranes in our PH range can be PTO driven. SwingLift cranes and LoadLift loading platforms are powered by the existing vehicle battery.

I need help specifying my crane, what are my options?


You can contact the sales office on 01246 811 475, contact your area manager or use the configurator.

What British Standards apply to cranes?


BS 7121-1 is the essential standard for those planning and carrying out lifting operations with cranes in the UK. BS 7121-1 gives recommendations for the safe use of cranes permanently or temporarily installed in a work environment.

BS 7121-1 covers the following for lifting operations:

  • Safe systems of work selection
  • Erection and dismantling
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Thorough examination
  • Operation
  • Planning and management

BS 7121-1 provides guidance on complying with the requirements of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment 1998 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. This standard is also used by Health and Safety Executive and Courts as an indication of good practice.

Severn Trent Tap into Penny Hydraulics Range of SwingLifts to Help to Improve Their Workflow

Our partnership with Bott allows us to provide lifting solutions to customers with large fleets such as Severn Trent. We’re really pleased that Severn Trent have come back to us once again for the ML500 as a lifting solution – it proves that it is the correct solution for their application.
Daniel Casey, Marketing Manager View case study

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