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Drum & Waste Package Handling

Penny Nuclear recognises that although the industry is still in debate with regards to how our legacy waste will be finally disposed of, decommissioning and waste retrieval activities must progress to allow for the wave of nuclear new build. We therefore offer a range of products designed to assist in drum and waste package handling.

The majority of items are off-the-shelf, giving you reassurance that they are tried and tested within the marketplace, as well as offering both significant project cost and timescale benefits.

Some items will be manufactured for use with industry-specific packages, thereby requiring a level of bespoke design. However, the same principles can be adopted across various packages, such as Ductile Cast Iron Containers (DCICs) or 3m3 boxes. Penny Nuclear has the experience of providing cost-effective and reliable solutions that will withstand the test of time, long after the packages have been sent for final disposal.

Capabilities include

  • Drum grabs
  • Drum tippers
  • Drum stillages
  • Export Cranes
  • Export Conveyors
  • Export bogies

Interested in Drum & Waste Package Handling?

We're experts in this field and we're more than happy to chat with you to discuss your requirements or recommend a better suiting product.

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