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Manual Single Rope Systems

Our manual single rope systems have the same features and benefits as our electric systems but are operated by a hand crank. 

We design winch systems that make chandeliers, other luminaires and a range of items more accessible for cleaning, maintenance or to enhance functionality.

We have been designing and building bespoke lighting hoist and winch equipment for many years and are familiar with the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations and all our products are CE marked. The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations apply to any winching or lifting system that involves a change in level. This puts certain duties on the installer and operator and we are able to help offer peace on mind when it comes to safety.

Nothing should be suspended by a single rope over the heads of person below. We have unique Contact Suspension Units for chandeliers or other lights that lock the chandelier to the ceiling when raised and make and break the electrical connection automatically. These can be used with manual or electric lighting winches and greatly simplify the installation when they can be used. Alternatively, twin and triple multi rope systems can be employed.

Manual Single Rope System

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