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Power Prop
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The Penny Power Prop provides safe, lightweight, temporary support in thicker seams from 2200mm to 3500mm at 11 tonnes but can also operate in seams up to 4500mm at 10 tonnes. The prop yields at 11 tonnes and is powered by hydraulic pressure from any available oil or water source including the mine’s underground water supply or even the fire-fighting range.

A remote control facility ensures the Penny Power Prop can be deployed while the operator is kept away from the immediate unsupported roof area and is less at risk from falling material. Operating costs and waste are reduced significantly because water rather than expensive oil is released on to the floor when the prop is lowered. The use of water also eliminates risks associated with oil such as slipping.

Each prop can be supplied with a range of extensions, friction tops, channel tops, prong tops and other spares to enable deployment in any mining and roof support application.


  • Robust, versatile, and safe roof support for thicker seam
  • Remote operating position
  • Protected operating handle
  • Quick setting action
  • Light weight (only 42kg)
  • Water compatible construction
  • Consistent yield characteristics for the best possible roof control
  • Extensions can be made to any length required, from the minimum of 100mm, up to a maximum of 900mm.


  • Extended heads up to 900mm
  • Extended bases up to 300mm

Customer Reviews

  • I used to build all of the duke props at dowty mineing,from raw material to the finished product,and repair and test,they were always first class,the best job i ever had.

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