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Hydraulic Servicing & Repairs
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Penny Hydraulics started business servicing bottle jacks and pit props for the local mining industry. It continues to serve pits throughout the UK and overseas and offers bespoke manufacturing and support services covering a wide range of hydraulic products including rams and valves.

The company has extensive expertise in manufacturing, servicing, maintaining and refurbishing hydraulic rams for industries were operational conditions are harsh or extreme.

Its services are designed to maintain and extend the useful working life of hydraulic products for economical operation and low overall cost of ownership.

The full hydraulic ram service

Penny Hydraulics offers a full hydraulic ram service, complete with rapid collection and delivery service exchange. This ensures customers experience minimum downtime for maximum utilisation of assets and increased profitability.             

With cylinder repairs a full assessment of the equipment is conducted and the best possible course of action is suggested.

The dedicated team assess if any components can be salvaged and if it will be cost effective for repairs to be completed.

The company also offers a full exchange, repair and refurbishment services for hydraulic valves. In fact, the company’s nationwide team of engineers can assist with virtually any problem relating to hydraulic rams or valves.

The equipment the company services is often old and parts can be difficult or expensive to source. Through its bespoke manufacturing facility Penny Hydraulics can manufacture many parts to remove the potentially high cost of sourcing from other suppliers.

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Dagenham Motors
Dagenham Motors
"Thank you for your excellent service in relation to the crane installation that has just been done. "
Haynes Hanson and Clark
Haynes Hanson and Clark
"Really refreshing fabulous efficiency! "
Stone Hardy
Stone Hardy
"It was a really good course and have walked away feeling I've learnt a varied of things that I never knew before. Once again it was brilliant. "
Bradfield Storage
Bradfield Storage
"We have had several clients who have had a Mezz Lift installed and have been pleased with their performance and reliability."

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