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The Penny Hydraulics range of lightwell lifts have been designed to make moving goods from the pavement down to basement level simple and safe.

Lightwells are increasingly being used as an access point to deliver goods directly to basements; so we designed the lightwell lift to allow for safe moving of goods between these levels.

Penny Hydraulics has designed, manufactured and installed lightwell lifts for businesses across the UK for both commercial and personal use. The Lightwell lift comes in many forms to suit the application; the mechanism will be designed bespoke to suit the items being transported and structural constraints. We can provide solutions for a single or double level basement, with maximum working loads of up to 1000kg.

Lightwell lifts have been used to move:

Food and drinks deliveries
Laundry trolleys and cages
Wheelie bin (domestic and commercial)
General storage

Don’t hesitate to contact our specialist lightwell lift design team today for a no-obligation site visit or a quotation and specification drawings. All our lifts are manufactured in the UK, so we can offer rapid manufacture if you’re working to tight lead times.

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• Floor mounted, no pit required
• Self- supporting mesh-cald shaft
• Constant pressure control buttons
• Up to 1000kg Maximum Working Load
• Bespoke platform sizes to suit available opening
• 2 or 3 stops (ground plus one or two levels)
• suitable for external conditions

CE marked and built-in conformance with:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998
  • The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998

• Bespoke platform sizes
• Up to 3 stops (ground plus two additional levels)
• Choice of finish colour
• 90⁰ loading or additional entrances
• Trolley stop barriers on platform
• Fully clad enclosure

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Why choose a lightwell lift?

decreased downtime

Efficient movement of goods – Save time and effort when moving goods between floors with a lightwell lift.


Easy to use – Our lifting platform uses simple controls, so almost anyone is able to use them with minimal training.


Improved safety – Keep your staff safe by removing the risk of injury while moving heavy objects.


Suitable for multi-use – The lightwell lift is designed for lots of applications, so your lift can be multi-use.

Suitable for outside – Our lifts are designed with your environment in mind, making them safe for external use.


Lift heavy loads – Move up to 1000kg of goods over 2 or 3 stops from the ground floor or basement.

Sectors we work with

Built with safety first

At Penny Hydraulics, we’re dedicated to ensuring all of our lifts improve safety practices and are compliant with lifting and specific industry regulations. That’s why we build lifting equipment with safety in mind at all times.

Plus, we can help to ensure your solution remains safe and compliant with servicing contracts, including thorough inspections, routine maintenance and necessary repairs.

Lightwell 1
Lightwell 4

Made in the UK

All our lifts are manufactured in-house at our purpose-built facilities in the heart of Derbyshire. Our design and build teams work closely to ensure all products are made to specification and any changes during manufacture can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

And because our lifts are made in-house, we can offer bespoke customisations to resolve unique problems faced by your company.

Lightwell Lift FAQs

What is the lead time for a goods lift?


All goods lifts have a lead time of 4–6 weeks from placing the order.

What information do you need from me to specify a goods lift?


To be able to specify a goods lift we would need to know:

  • What you are wanting to lift
  • The size opening of the building
  • How everything is packaged
  • The floor-to-floor height of the lift space
  • How the lift will be loaded (i.e. wheeled or lifted on)
  • The required size and dimensions of the goods lift
  • Plans of the building, if possible

I need help specifying my goods lift, what are my options?


You can contact the sales office on 01246 811 475, contact your area manager or use the configurator.

What height does a Lightwell Lift operate to?


A lightwell lift can operate up to 2 stops from basement to pavement level.

Goods Lift Accreditations

ISO:9001 logo

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

NBS Source Partner

Construction Skills Certificate Scheme


ISO 14001:2015

SIBA logo

SIBA – The Society OF Independent Brewers

SafeContractor Logo

Safe Contractor


LEEA Development Member

Altius Assured Award

Altius Elite Vendor Logo

Altius Elite Vendor

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