Introducing the KJ150 SwingLift Crane

The KJ150 is a cost-effective, lightweight and compact crane suitable for vans and chassis vehicles where users need to lift up to 150kg at a 2 metre diameter. It has been the crane of choice for large fleets of vehicles in the telecoms and utilities industries for some time with thousands of cranes in the backs of vans up and down the country. The decision was made to make the crane available to all customers was made due to the increased demand for economic solutions.

SwingLift KJ150 Crane 2
KJ150 Stowed

Penny Hydraulics Quality

‘The KJ150 offers our customers Penny Hydraulics quality with a lower price tag, we are filling the gap for customers who need to lift less than the standard 250kg. The KJ150 is perfect for lifting items such as pumps, compressors and light plant equipment on and off vehicles quickly and safely.’ Says Richard Short, Penny Hydraulics Sales Director. ‘The crane has been available to fleets for a number of years, as they didn’t require a 250kg rated crane to carry out their job – so we have lots of experience manufacturing and maintaining the crane. We have had a lot of interest in our Lightweight LoadLift, so we decided the time was right to launch the KJ150 into the market and offer customers another option.’

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More information is available on the KJ150 product page or via downloading the crane specification sheet. If you need any assistance contact us our sales team are on hand to help you to find the right solution for your vehicle and lifting application.

KJ150 Drawing

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