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Solid Performer from Penny Hydraulics

Solid Performer from Penny Hydraulics


Mobile tyre presses from Penny Hydraulics are ideal for changing solid and industrial tyres in depots and at customers’ own premises. The company has extensive experience in supplying load handling equipment for the automotive industry and has been manufacturing mobile tyre presses for over 15 years since its first model was supplied to ATS. Its managing director was a member of the tyre industry’s technical committee that devised the current specification for a safe tyre press.

The standard Penny Hydraulics mobile tyre press is designed and manufactured to combine excellent performance with reliability and ruggedness. The 120 tonne hydraulic press is suitable for almost any solid tyre used by lift trucks and other common industrial equipment. The latest computer design and analytical software is employed by the in-house engineering team to create precision engineered components that deliver first rate performance whilst ensuring material weight is kept to a minimum. This ensures that the tyre press is strong and durable for a lengthy working life and at the same time is lightweight for safe, economical towing and to keep the vehicle payload at its best. The platforms are low enough for engineers to place and remove tyres and wheels easily and with little or no manual handling. Penny Hydraulics tyre presses are supplied with one of the company’s 150kg capacity Swing Lift Miniloader cranes mounted on the frame to allow wheels and tyres to be lifted on and off the platform to eliminate manual handling altogether. The complete press is mounted on a four wheel trailer for the best possible stability when stationary or towing.

Dual power inputs allow the tyre press to be run from local 110V or 240V supply depending on customer preference and safety considerations. The tyre press can also be supplied with an integral diesel generator so that it can be used in areas where mains electrical supply is unavailable or where petrol engines are prohibited (such as chemical plants) to prevent risk of explosion. These generators typically have dual 110/240V outputs so that the press and ancillary tools such as angle grinders and drills can be powered at the same time. In this way engineers have complete autonomy on site and can work independently of local power supplies.

Using its experience as a tyre press manufacturer, Penny Hydraulics incorporates a number of ease-of-use and health and safety features into its designs. For example, all of the controls are placed at the side of the unit rather than at the front. Operation is via a “hold to run” handle for added safety. The pressure gauge and safety stop button are all within clear view and easy reach. The generator is activated by a key to prevent unauthorised use and push button start and stop for simplicity.

A standard set of tools, including cones and spacers, for different tasks enable the press to be used with a wide range of tyre sizes. Each tool is clearly colour coded and marked for safety and convenience. Certain tools are also shaped in such a way as to prevent inappropriate use. The use of nylon instead of steel wherever possible reduces the overall weight of the toolset to maximise the available towing and load carrying capacity of the support vehicle. Other optional extras include working lights, stowage box and spare trailer wheel. Customers can specify the press is finished in their own corporate colours.

Penny Hydraulics offers a comprehensive range of mobile and static tyre press support services through its factory and nationwide network of mobile engineers. These include regular statutory safety inspections and routine maintenance. The company also refurbishes and remanufactures mobile and static tyre presses, including units from other manufacturers, utilising its extensive factory based facilities.

In addition to its range of Tyre Presses, Penny Hydraulics also designs and manufactures a complete range of vehicle mounted tyre handling equipment that is widely used by the tyre industry to promote efficiency, reduce the risk of personal injury and help comply with manual handling regulations.

Vehicle mounted Swing Lift cranes can handle tyres and wheels of all sizes weighing up to 2000kg while vehicle mounted platform lifts include the Easyloader Tail Lift, Side Lift, Step Lift and Load Lift for loads up to 550kg. The Single Wheel Lift is designed for installation at the side or rear door of a van for handling large commercial wheel and tyre combinations such as super singles and solids.

The Tyre Lift is designed for simple and efficient handling of tyres, wheels and automotive components such as batteries and exhausts between the ground floor and mezzanine in depots. It eliminates the need to carry large and bulky items up and down stairs and ladders for improved safety and greater efficiency with better use of available space.

Penny Hydraulics offers comprehensive support including consultation, design, manufacture, installation, training and maintenance from its head office and through a nationwide network of service engineers.

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