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Safer Deliveries Handling for Breweries

Safer Deliveries Handling for Breweries

Careful and efficient handling of loads on and off delivery vehicles has a number of benefits for breweries. Draymen will be able to complete their deliveries with little or no manual handling which means reduced risk of personal injury for improved long-term welfare and productivity. There will also be less damage to containers and vehicles leading to lower overall costs.

Penny Hydraulics offers a number of options for load handling on commercial vehicles. For many dray applications, a small electric crane is ideal. These can be fitted on any type of vehicle to handle loads weighing up to two tonnes. Most breweries specify Penny Hydraulics Swing Lift cranes that can lift up to 250 or 500kg, depending on the model, which makes them suited to all sizes of container. These cranes are compact and lightweight which means they will not affect the load carrying capability of the vehicle. For even greater versatility, larger Swing Lift cranes with capacities up to 2000kg may be suitable. A brewer recently specified one for handling loads to avoid the need for a lift truck.

Although cranes can be fitted on vans and pickups some users prefer to specify a tail lift such as the Penny Hydraulics Easyloader or Step Lift for loads up to 550kg. These are extremely versatile and are especially suitable for applications where loads are rolled, including barrels or items such as crates and cases on sack barrows or trolleys.

In addition to its range of cranes and platform lifts, Penny Hydraulics manufactures the Cellar Lift for handling containers and other items weighing up to 300kg in pubs and breweries. The company provides a complete design and installation service for all of its products with a nationwide network of engineers to minimise downtime and ensure continued product reliability. Its comprehensive after sales service and maintenance programme offers complete peace of mind and helps customers meet their statutory inspection and maintenance obligations.

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