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Safe Handling for the Independent Brewer

Safe Handling for the Independent Brewer

Penny Hydraulics designs and manufactures load handling equipment, including barrel hoists and cranes, for breweries, pubs, restaurants and hotels to be more efficient while avoiding manual lifting to comply with health and safety legislation. The company was formed 30 years ago and one of its first products was a crane for handling ullage on and off drays. More recently the company helped the Health and Safety Executive to devise the Code of Practice for Beer Deliveries that is now the accepted industry standard.

Today, Penny Hydraulics is probably best known in the brewing industry for the Cellar Lift, its unique device for handling barrels, casks, crates and related items in and out of cellars. Vertical, sloping and compact models are available with lifting capacity up to 300kg, equivalent to a full 54 gallon barrel. More than 6000 Cellar Lifts have been sold since the first was supplied in the 1980s. Customers include major chains as well as regional breweries. Cellar Lifts are also used in breweries to handle ingredients such as sacks of malt or filled casks ready for delivery.

All Cellar Lifts are manufactured for the specific location following a site survey by specialist Penny Hydraulics engineers. With its ability to operate in vertical or sloping positions the unit can be installed in almost any situation, even older pubs where the layout can present problems for less versatile alternatives. The sloping model, for example, is ideal when an existing skid cannot be removed or when the cellar is offset from the delivery point.

Penny Hydraulics provides a complete design and installation service with a nationwide network of engineers to minimise downtime and ensure continued product reliability. Its comprehensive after sales service and maintenance programme offers complete peace of mind and helps customers meet their statutory inspection and maintenance obligations.

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