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Restaurants Get a Lift from Penny Hydraulics

Restaurants Get a Lift from Penny Hydraulics


Food, drink and non-consumable items are handled safely and easily between kitchen, larder and stores areas in restaurants and bars with the Penny Hydraulics Cellar Lift. The range includes vertical, sloping and compact models with lifting capacity up to 250kg, easily enough for most catering loads. The Cellar Lift can be installed in virtually any basement or first floor kitchen to eliminate the need for manual handling and help users to comply with current health and safety regulations. There is no need to carry heavy or bulky items up or down steps or stairways to complete deliveries or remove waste.

Penny Hydraulics developed the Cellar Lift concept over 20 years ago and it is now widely used throughout the UK catering industry. Notable installations include Celtic FC, Newcastle Racecourse, Carluccio’s, Tom’s Kitchen and Village Hotels. It is ideal for handling food, drink and non-consumable items direct from the point of delivery to a store. It is especially popular with city-centre restaurants who need to handle items between a basement kitchen or larder and street-level delivery point.

All Cellar Lifts are manufactured by Penny Hydraulics in the UK to the precise requirements of the specific location and customer. The dimensions of the platform can be matched to the available space to ensure productivity and efficiency. Simple operation combined with compact design ensure it can be installed without intruding on the main function of the kitchen or store.

The rapid lifting and lowering speed of 0.5m/s means that an average 2.5 metre drop between floors is covered in just five seconds. A hold-to-run system cuts power and stops the lift whenever the user releases the control lever for optimum safety. Components are fully galvanised for durability in the most arduous conditions, including steamy kitchens, damp cellars and exposed exterior locations. The design ensures low cost of ownership with reliable and safe operation in any application.

The vertical Cellar Lift is designed to raise and lower crates, boxes and barrels whilst occupying the minimum of cellar space and is extremely adaptable for most applications. The sloping Cellar Lift offers the same performance and is designed for applications where a vertical installation is not practical, for example where access to the cellar is awkward or where a concrete skid remains in place. It can be installed in any position from vertical to horizontal to provide complete flexibility.

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