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Pickup a Tail Lift from Nissan and Penny Hydraulics

Pickup a Tail Lift from Nissan and Penny Hydraulics


Nissan Pickup drivers in the UK can now order the popular Penny Hydraulics Easyloader Tail Lift and Swing Lift cranes with their new vehicle following a partnership agreement between the two companies. This simplifies choice for local and independent traders and craftspeople who need to handle loads on and off their vehicle by allowing them to specify lifting equipment through their local Nissan dealer when ordering a new Pickup. The Easyloader Tail Lift is the only product of its type that can be fitted to vehicles like the Nissan Pickup to lift up to 550kg. Different versions of the Swing Lift cranes are available with the Pickup to handle loads up to 500kg. Both types of equipment help users handle loads more efficiently and eliminate manual handling to comply with health and safety regulations. A Nissan Pickup demonstration vehicle makes its public debut on the Penny Hydraulics stand at CV Show. STAND NO?

“We are demonstrating our commitment to this new partnership with the combination of the Nissan Pickup and Penny Hydraulics equipment at CV Show,” says Mark Lovett. “Nissan is looking to build its presence in the CV market in the UK and converted product is key to this strategy. With packages like this we are addressing the needs of the local businesses and independent traders who need cost effective solutions to their commercial vehicle and load handling requirements.”

The Easyloader Tail Lift is ideal for utility vehicles such as the Nissan Pickup because it has a cantilever action and no underslung pillars or ropes that can snag on the ground or kerb when driving over rough terrain. The robust design and bespoke platform width allows the Easyloader to be fitted to smaller vehicles with lower floor heights than similar products from other manufacturers. This makes it an ideal choice for pick ups where ground clearance may be less than on larger vehicles. It is the only product of its type that can be installed on utility style vehicles to lift up to 550kg.

The cantilever action moves the platform away from the rear of the vehicle as it lowers to the ground. This means a standard towbar can be fitted and used without modification to the vehicle. The action also eliminates the potential risks associated with toe-trapping. Hydraulic power ensures smooth, precise and controlled operation for assured load handling.

Swing Lift vehicle-mounted cranes from Penny Hydraulics are designed for efficient, reliable and safe handling of loads up to 2000kg on and off panel and box vans, pick-ups, flatbeds, tippers, and most commercial vehicles. Four basic designs including the Kerb Grab, Miniloader, Foldaway and V Range models while special designs are available in a variety of configurations to provide users with flexible and versatile solutions to their load handling requirements.

“The new arrangement recognises the quality of the Penny Hydraulics products which are designed and manufactured in the UK,” says Mark Lovett. “There is tremendous synergy between the two companies and we can offer an excellent combination which represents good value for fleet customers in industries such as water and telecoms as well as self-employed Pickup drivers like builders, plumbers, landscapers or anyone that needs to handle loads on and off their vehicle.

“We hope to expand the agreement to include similar packages for other Nissan commercial vehicles including the Kubistar, Primastar, Interstar and Cabstar.”

“The renowned off road capability and robust build quality of the Nissan Pickup provides an excellent platform to demonstrate the unique Easyloader Tail Lift and Swing Lift cranes,” says Richard Short, Sales Director at Penny Hydraulics. “Offering our products in partnership with Nissan will help us provide customers from large fleets to sole traders with new load handling capabilities for this popular vehicle.”

Penny Hydraulics designs and manufactures vehicle mounted cranes for loads up to 2000kg and rear and side mounted platform lifts for loads up to 500kg for use on all types of commercial vehicle. These help owners and operators to comply with manual handling regulations and reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to load and vehicle. Penny Hydraulics cranes and platform lifts are suitable for all Nissan commercial vehicles including the popular Pickup, Kubistar, Primastar, Interstar and Cabstar ranges.

Penny Hydraulics designs and manufactures lifting and load handling equipment for use in a wide range of applications. Products include the Swing Lift range of medium duty cranes for use on pick-ups, drop-sides and flat-beds and the Step Lift, Load Lift and Tail Lift lifting platform ranges for use on pick-ups, drop-sides and vans. The company also manufactures the Mezz Lift for handling loads between ground floor and mezzanines and specialist equipment for handling wheels, tyres and barrels in vehicles and at customers’ premises. Penny Hydraulics is a privately owned family business based in Clowne, Derbyshire.

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