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Penny’s win goods lift contract at Boundary Mill Stores

Penny’s win goods lift contract at Boundary Mill Stores


Fashion retailer Boundary Mill are the latest customer to select Penny Hydraulics goods lifts to improve their business operation – they’ve just had two specialist mezzanine floor lifts installed at their new storage and picking warehouse.

Boundary Mill Stores are a group of leading shopping destinations - with 5 outlets across the UK, the growing chain is in fact the UK’s largest mill store retailer offering quality fashion and homeware brand names at up to 70% off RRP.

Established 30 years ago, with the first and now flagship site in Colne, Boundary Mill is dedicated to providing customers with the best quality fashion and homeware brands at the best available prices across all sites; Grantham, Newcastle, Sheffield and Walsall. With a huge choice and fantastic value from leading names in; women’s and men’s leisure, outdoor and occasion wear, footwear and lingerie, luggage, bags and accessories, home furnishings, cookware, china and glassware, art, cards and stationery, the chain is rapidly growing in popularity and is now the trusted ‘go to’ store for many UK households.

Expanding, a new storage and picking warehouse was constructed and Boundary Mill contacted bespoke storage and racking provider Ampfab to carry out the design, manufacture and installation of a large mezzanine floor at the site. Having worked with Penny Hydraulics before, Ampfab contacted the Penny Hydraulics goods lift team to specify two bespoke goods lifts to safely and efficiently move goods between ground and mezzanine levels at each end of the new mezz floor.

The mezzanine level needed to be used for the storage of stock - moving stock on trolleys between the floors when accepting deliveries needed to be done quickly and safely to ensure a smooth running and safe business operation. Following a free of charge and no obligation site survey at the site, a Penny Hydraulics MezzPro was specified as the best type of goods lift to suit the application.

Based on a standard ‘brochure’ design, the product was adapted slightly to suit the application. The MezzPro is a 500kg working capacity goods lift. The vertical, hydraulically powered platform enables users to move goods alone or on crates, trolleys or pallets safely and efficiently between the floors.

“This type of goods lift suits numerous requirements and applications within buildings, such as warehouses, stores, factories and workshops and the tried and tested design was the perfect choice for Boundary Mill,” said Jocelyn Cole, General Manager of Penny Hydraulics Goods Lifts Division. “Using a standard brochure design meant we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel enabling us to keep costs low. Thanks to in-house design and manufacture we could easily suggest small adjustments from this design to suit the application giving the added benefit of flexibility.”

The MezzPro is enclosed in a self-supporting mesh shaft and is 3.7 metres high, adapted to suit the Ampfab mezz floor precisely.

“The lifts were designed to sit perfectly within the two cut-outs within the mezz floor that had been left by Ampfab,” said Jocelyn. “The platforms were sized at 2000mm x 1500mm to suit the trolleys used by operators at the site and high protective safety guards were supplied on the non-loading edges of the platform to stop any goods protruding off the platform during transit. A trolley stop barrier was added on the loading edge of the platform to stop delivery trolleys moving on the platform when in transit too.”

At the entrance to the lifts at the top level, 2000mm high double, mesh filled gates were supplied. Electrical interlocks were fitted on the gates to prevent them from being opened unless the platform was docked at the appropriate level.

“The interlocks also prevent the lifts being operated unless all gates are closed at both levels.” Said Jocelyn.

Fire rated cladding was fitted around the lifts at the lower level and a fixed ramp was provided to assist loading on to the platform. To power the lifts, a 2.2kw, 415 volt, three-phase and neutral supply was required terminated in an isolator at the lower level. The lifts are controlled via a hold to run, push button control station adjacent to the gates at both levels.

Aesthetics were vitally important on the project too.

“The lifts were finished to the exact RAL specified by Boundary Mill,” said Jocelyn. “This ensured the lifts matched the poppy red coloured mezzanine floor exactly - creating a professional, aesthetically pleasing and consistent overall finish.”

Unlike many other companies, Penny Hydraulics manufacture all their lifting equipment in the UK at a purpose-built facility in Derbyshire.

“This has many benefits such as high-quality standards and our ability to design and manufacture bespoke items,” said Jocelyn. “One of the major benefits with regards to the Boundary Mill project however, was the short lead time available on the lifts which meant that they could be manufactured within 6 weeks. A rapid installation service ensured all lifts were installed within just two days too.”

It is a legal requirement under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) and the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) for lifting equipment to have a Thorough Examination and test by a competent person before a lift is put into service and at regular specified intervals during its life. Penny Hydraulics supplied all the necessary paperwork with the goods lift and were also chosen to maintain the equipment through planned maintenance programmes enabled by their nationwide network of 16 dedicated service engineers.

“Planned maintenance programmes including scheduled annual Statutory Testing will give Boundary Mill peace of mind that they are complying with current UK legislation,” said Jocelyn. “Our engineers carry a full stock of OEM replacement parts on their vans too – the customer can be assured that we will always keep their stock and business moving.”

Boundary Mill are delighted with the finished lifts - "so much so that they have been prepared to show them off to our perspective customers." Said Jocelyn.

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