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Penny Hydraulics Tyre Handling Equipment

Penny Hydraulics Tyre Handling Equipment

Penny Hydraulics’ specialist tyre and wheel service, handling and storage equipment for depots and support vehicles simplifies maintenance tasks and eliminates the hazards of manual handling.

Vehicle mounted platform lifts and cranes are suitable for commercial vehicles including vans, pick-ups, dropsides and flatbeds. Platform lifts include the Single Wheel Lift, Step Lift, Side Lift and Tail Lift for loads up to 500kg. Swing Lift cranes offer solutions for loads up to 2000kg.

For depots Penny Hydraulics offers a design and installation service. Its Tyre Lift and Mezz Lift are ideal for handling between floors. Other products include regrooving stands, presses, stillages and storage. Support includes nationwide service engineers and factory-based repair and refurbishment.

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