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Penny Hydraulics Takes Over UK Coal’s Small Batch Hydraulic Repair from Joy Mining

Penny Hydraulics Takes Over UK Coal’s Small Batch Hydraulic Repair from Joy Mining


Penny Hydraulics has signed an exclusive licence agreement to take over the small batch repair and remanufacture of all hydraulic rams in powered roof supports manufactured by Joy Mining used at mines operated by UK Coal. The company will also offer a full range of hydraulic component repair services for gas valves, water valves and equipment supplied by leading manufacturers such as Dosco, DBT and Hausherr.

“Our established hydraulic ram repair, refurbishment and manufacturing service has supported the mining industry for more than 25 years,” says John Penny, Managing Director, Penny Hydraulics. “This contract complements our existing operations and means that UK Coal will be able to come direct to us to maintain the useful working life of their hydraulic equipment.”

Penny Hydraulics’ comprehensive hydraulic and pneumatic ram refurbishment and maintenance service is designed to extend and prolong the productive life of all types of equipment used in mining, engineering and other industries. The company offers a fast and cost effective service with nationwide collection and delivery of single items or batches to suit the customer’s operations. A service exchange facility allows rams to be replaced quickly to minimise equipment downtime.

The company’s dedicated maintenance facility is equipped with a wide range of tools that enable it to accommodate rams of virtually any size, typically up to 10 feet (3.25m) long and 12 inch (300mm) bore. Each ram is stripped and inspected on arrival by the company’s team of specialist hydraulic engineers. Replacement parts including pistons, seals and glands are machined or remanufactured on site to exacting specifications or ordered from the original equipment manufacturer. Reassembled rams are tested and painted to a customer’s specification before final delivery. The company can also manufacture new rams to a customer’s specification for unusual and bespoke applications.

Penny Hydraulics designs and manufactures lifting and load handling equipment for use in a wide range of applications. Products include the Swing Lift range of medium duty cranes for use on pick-ups, drop-sides and flat-beds and the Step Lift, Load Lift and Tail Lift lifting platform ranges for use on pick-ups, drops-sides and vans. The company also manufactures the Mezz Lift for handling loads between ground floor and mezzanines and specialist equipment for handling wheels, tyres and barrels in vehicles and at customers’ premises. Its mining products include the popular Penny Duke and Penny Gun Set hydraulic props. A full range of training and service packages are available to customers. Penny Hydraulics is a privately owned family business based in Clowne, Derbyshire.

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