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Penny Hydraulics In The Community - Well Dressing

Penny Hydraulics In The Community - Well Dressing


We enjoy giving back to the local community - read about our recent involvement in helping a primary school.

Penny Hydraulics recently helped Hodthorpe Primary with erecting their well-dressing that depicts a tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives in the first world war. 

Robin Penny - Managing Director of Penny Hydraulics has an active role in the local community and is the also the Chair of Governors at   Hodthorpe Primary School

The children created the dressing by filling a large box with wet clay, the picture itself is created from a combination of flower petals, seeds and other natural resources such as eggshells.


Penny Hydraulics team members Ben Alderson, Umar Lodhi along with Robin helped the school erect their dressing last week as it is extremely heavy.

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