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Partner Visit: SD Services

Partner Visit: SD Services


Penny Hydraulics team members Claire and Steve hopped over the channel to meet with French Partners SD Services last month.

Area Sales Manager Steve Brackstone and Internal Sales Manager Claire Milnes took the trip across the channel last month to visit our French partners SD Services.

The French firm that specialises in LCV conversions buy and install a specialist Traversing Boom Crane from Penny Hydraulics. Due to a recent turnover in their team, we thought it was a great opportunity to put new faces to names. It was also a fantastic opportunity for Claire, who has been learning French-funded by Penny Hydraulics to help with communication.

'It was great to go to France and to practise my skills. I had to ask the SD team to slow down a few times but I was pleasantly surprised with my grasp of the language and the SD team certainly appreciated it.

By taking the time to go and meet the new people at SD services and by removing the language barrier we’re confident that our relationship can flourish.'

- Claire Milnes

Steve Brackstone thought the trip was a success in building the relationship and fixing a few issues caused by communication:

‘When dealing with complex installations it is very easy for something to go wrong due to a language barrier or lack of understanding. It is very important to meet with our distributors to ensure they understand our products and to build working relationships. This was the first meeting I’d been to with Claire and I was blown away by her skills’

We will be revisiting SD Services in the near future and continue to build on our working relationship.

Penny Hydraulics work with over 20 partner businesses around the world selling our lifting solutions. If you are interested in our lifting solutions and think that there is an opportunity to sell them in your market - get in touch today.

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