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New EasyLoader Tail Lift for just £1595

New EasyLoader Tail Lift for just £1595

Penny Hydraulics has made safe and efficient commercial vehicle load handling a lot more affordable by pricing its popular Easyloader Tail Lift at just £1595 until the end of 2007. This special offer price makes the Easyloader one of the most competitive products of its type in the 500kg handling capacity range. The Easyloader is ideal for handling loads up to 550kg on pickups, 4x4s, off-road and utility vehicles because its unique cantilever action and column-free design ensure there are no components underneath the vehicle that can snag on the ground during off-road driving. It is also suitable for other commercial vehicles including Luton and box vans where its robust construction and light weight offer life-long reliability without compromising payload capacity.

“The unique design of the Easyloader combined with the exceptionally low price makes safe and efficient load handling accessible to many more customers with service, engineering and delivery applications,” says Richard Short, Sales Director at Penny Hydraulics. “We’re pricing the Easyloader to be very affordable in this competitive market.”

The Easyloader is a lightweight and compact tail lift for loading commercial vehicles with items weighing up to 550kg. Its unique design incorporates all the advantages of a cantilever platform lift and has no under slung columns, ropes or chains. This promotes reliability and eliminates the risk of components grounding out or getting bent underneath the vehicle during off-road driving. It also makes the Easyloader an ideal choice for pick ups, Lutons and box vans where ground clearance may be less than on larger vehicles. The cantilever action moves the platform away from the rear of the vehicle as it lowers to the ground which means that standard towbars can be fitted and used without any modification to the vehicle. This action also eliminates the potential risks associated with toe-trapping. Hydraulic power ensures smooth, precise and controlled operation for assured load handling.

Using a tail lift for loading and unloading helps owners and operators to comply with manual handling regulation and reduces the risk of personal injury or damage to the load and vehicle. Designed and manufactured by Penny Hydraulics for versatility across a wide range of applications, the Easyloader can be installed with minimal impact on the vehicle's floor space while its light weight means it has little effect on payloads. As with all its products Penny Hydraulics offers a bespoke option where the customer can specify the finish of the tail lift and platform type to provide users with complete flexibility to specify the right solution for their requirements.

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