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Log that as another success- PH180 helps logging company

Log that as another success- PH180 helps logging company


Keith Roberts owner of KKL Logging tells us about how his new PH180 has improved efficiency and safety for his business.

We recently caught up with happy customer Keith Roberts of KKL logging who we had installed a PH180.3 onto his Mercedes Sprinter.

Watch our video below:

How has the crane helped your business?

'The crane helps tremendously, now we can back straight into the shed and load the bags straight onto the back of the truck whereas before we had to use the forklift and we were trundling in and out.'

How is using the crane safer than using a forklift?

'So [the forklift] wasn’t as such unsafe it was just that we can now back the truck in as opposed to up the bags up back onto the fork of the forklift. The crane now allows us to come straight in, its got the extra reach where the forklift hasn’t and we can reach the bags from a distance away now.'

Has the crane made KKL more efficient?

'I dare say it is 100% faster than before. The crane has a little more reach than the previous cranes we used to have. Whereas the forklift used to load the bags the crane now is backed in on the back of the truck and I can lift the bags straight from the inside storage.'

Has the crane helped to deliver heavy bags to your customers?

'Yes, the crane delivers further than expected! This allows us to lift [the bags of logs] over walls, over gates and the customer doesn’t necessarily have to be in when we deliver… its been a great, great help for me and the customers and we have won orders because of this feature on this particular crane.'

Could you tell us about the safety features of the crane?

'One of the winning factors with Penny Hydraulics is the safety features on the boom and on the legs. There is an in-cab alarm system that sounds if the boom has been left out and in a dangerous position, alongside the legs which have a microswitch on. For us it’s a massive benefit – we don’t want to drive away with any of these things hanging out.'

Tell us about your experience of working with Penny Hydraulics?

'Using Penny Hydraulics was absolutely amazing. Within a day David had come down and priced the job and told us what we might want and how it would look on the truck. We then visited Penny Hydraulics on 2 occasions to view the crane and to make sure it was the one we wanted. The staff there were more than happy to help us and to show us the engineering side of things and the electrics and all of the hydraulics.'

'We’d priced a few cranes up, I have a friend who had used a Penny Hydraulics cranes and said how good the service and company was.'

Would you recommend Penny Hydraulics to other companies?

'Absolutely 100% brilliant, yes. Couldn’t praise them enough.'

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