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LoadLift – The hydraulic lifting platform that can be tailor made for your lifting requirements

LoadLift – The hydraulic lifting platform that can be tailor made for your lifting requirements


Businesses are increasingly choosing LoadLifts with a bespoke platform to move their products safely and efficiently. Find out why a bespoke LoadLift could be the best option for your business.

There is nothing worse than struggling to get a heavy and awkward shaped load onto your vehicle. By attempting to achieve this manually or using a ramp you risk damage to your vehicle, damage to the product or in the worst case scenario you risk the health and safety of your staff and the public.

To combat this Penny Hydraulics offer bespoke LoadLift hydraulic loading platforms, designed specifically to move items safely and efficiently.

The LoadLift to the left has a custom top bracket for securing large gas bottles.

Like many of Penny Hydraulics product range, the LoadLift has developed as customers bring problems to us and we innovate to solve them. Over the many years that we have been supplying LoadLifts to customers around the world, we have made modifications including:

  • Bespoke platform size – enabling you to lift larger items taking into account the clearance needed for the van.
  • Increased powerpack to lift designated amounts – uprating the lifting performance of the lift to ensure heavier loads can be moved.
  • Automatic roll stops (with manual override) that operate to keep the product secure whilst moving from the floor onto the van.
  • Fixing points - to strap and secure tall products such as gas bottles
  • Single wheel lifts – with a roll on / roll off locking device ideal for large vehicle tyres and re-grooving at the roadside.

This LoadLift with a custom oversize platform and uprated powerpack is used to lift a street sweeper onto a van.

Other benefits to using a LoadLift

  • Compact and foldaway design has little impact on the capacity of your van.
  • Can be installed into the full range of vans bringing you fleet flexibility.
  • Side door/rear door loading giving you the flexibility to load/unload either kerbside or in a yard.
  • Low self-weight (starting at just 100kg) leaves your vehicle with a lot of loading capability.
  • Lifts up to 250Kg with optional Max Working Load upgrade up to 500kg dependent on the vehicle and fitting position.
  • Mechanised lifting solution removes the requirement to manually push/pull heavy loads up or down a ramp which has an incline thus reduces the risk of injury.
  • Can be used by a single operator – meaning what was once a two-person job can now be achieved with one person bringing your workforce more capability.

This custom LoadLift for a local Council was created to lift large bins on and off their vans. The oversized platform is specially designed for the 1100l capacity bin to fit on and an uprated powerpack to provide the additional lifting capability.

Do you have a moving and handling problem and would like to learn more?

Its easier than ever to learn more about Penny Hydraulics’ range of Vehicle Mounted Lifting Equipment. You can explore the pages on our website, call us on 01246 811 475 or visit our Configurator – the free online tool that helps you to specify the correct lifting solution for your needs. 

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Avon and Somerset Police
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