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Lift Specialists Collaborate to Improve Productivity for Major Retailer

Lift Specialists Collaborate to Improve Productivity for Major Retailer


Goods lift manufacturer Penny Hydraulics and platform lift specialists The Platform Lift Company Limited have collaborated as goods lift suppliers for a major UK retailer.

The retail convenience business has over 850 shops throughout the UK and like all responsible retailers, optimum employee safety and increased productivity are always core points for consideration when they fit out a new store and how to effectively handle goods during deliveries is therefore a key discussion point. Two models of mechanical handling aid have currently been supplied throughout the chain; specialist goods lifts for transporting goods to mezzanine floors called Mezzanine floor lifts and lifts that operate in loading bays, typically outdoors, called BayLifts.

The Platform Lift Company Limited are specialists in disabled lift procurement and installation. With 4000 lift installations worldwide since the company’s inception, they boast a hugely successful portfolio of award-winning work in many areas vital to today’s society including; retail, health, education, rail, defence, commercial and domestic properties. Having worked with Penny Hydraulics on previous goods lifts projects in the past, the company contacted the lifting equipment manufacturer to collaborate on a goods lift project for the popular grocery store chain.

Penny Hydraulics, award winners in their own right, have their own purpose built premises housing a manufacturing and assembly plant and the company carry out all the functions of a fully integrated company with design, manufacturing, quality control, aftersales support and nationwide service operation. This was key to the partnership according to Platform Lift Company Limited Business Development Manager Dan Purdue, who comments “the company’s goods lift range being manufactured in the UK allows both standard and bespoke designs to be installed within short lead times which is exactly what was required for this project.”

Mezzanine floor goods lifts are vertical platform lifts up to 1000kg in working capacity that enable operators to move goods alone or on crates, trolleys or pallets safely and efficiently between two or more floors. This is ideal for transporting groceries between ground level and the stores mezzanine floor where the goods are stored.

Bay Lifts are ideal for lifting and handling loads between different levels where the height difference is less than two metres. In the case of a recent installation at one of the Northern based stores, this was the loading bay. The relatively low lifting height and no need for a lift pit means that the Bay Lift offers a practical load handling solution where alternative equipment such as conventional scissor or platform lifts cannot easily be installed. A capacity of 1000kg ensures the Bay Lift can safely handle crates, pallets, roll cages and sack barrows used in grocery deliveries outside the building.

Close collaboration of the lifting equipment suppliers ensured comprehensive project management from cradle to grave, from site assessment through the design, manufacture and installation phases of the project, including whole life maintenance. Goods lifts are manufactured within a 6 week lead time and the company took advantage of Penny Hydraulics rapid installation service and planned maintenance programme which ensures that the lifts are kept Thoroughly Examined at regular intervals in accordance with Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

Implementing engineered material handling solutions can reduce the risk of worker injury as well as increasing the company's productivity. Jess Penny, General Manager of Sales at Penny Hydraulics comments “Many work-related injuries are the result of workers picking up and moving heavy objects the wrong way, such as lifting their back instead of legs. Responsible employers realise this and supply a material handling solution which takes this burden off their shoulders; thereby, reducing the risk of injury as well as increasing productivity.”

The partnership between Platform Lift Company Limited and Penny Hydraulics continues as the companies plan the next goods lift installation at the retailers Glasgow store.

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