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Let’s Take the Weight Off - Introducing the Lightweight Loadlift

Let’s Take the Weight Off - Introducing the Lightweight Loadlift


Penny Hydraulics is proud to announce the launch of our latest model, the Lightweight LoadLift.

The Lightweight LoadLift has been designed as a cost-effective lifting solution for those who need to lift up to 100kg.

Weighing in at approximately 47kg, the lift provides van users with a compact lifting solution that doesn’t use up the payload or footprint of the vehicle. Making it the perfect option for deliveries of white goods, tote boxes, tool chests and components. And enabling drivers to move bulky items on and off their vehicle easily, safely, and efficiently.

Plus, for the next month, only the Lightweight LoadLift has 20% off for UK customers, at an introductory price of £1040 + VAT!

Like many products in the Penny Hydraulics range, the Lightweight LoadLift was developed based on customer need. Designed to reduce the risk of manual handling related injuries and increase the efficiency of workforces.

It joins the rest of our vehicle-mounted lifting equipment, comprising of SwingLift cranes, hydraulic PH cranes, hydraulic loading platforms, and winches. All of which are manufactured in the UK with a standard 4-week lead time. Plus, a 12-month parts and labour warranty as standard.

Richard Short, Sales Director, commented: “The Lightweight LoadLift will help businesses to unleash the potential of their vehicle and workforce, plus increase productivity and job capability.

One in every three accidents at work are caused by manual handling. The Lightweight LoadLift helps prevent these manual handling injuries that can cost businesses upwards of £8,000, plus improve health and safety procedures all round.

We’re very proud to launch the new lift and look forward to seeing how it will be received in the industry.”

Interested in finding out more?

We hope you find the launch of the new Lightweight LoadLift as exciting as we do, and we’d love to chat further with you about its capabilities if you’re interested.

Get to know the Lightweight LoadLift by downloading our free spec sheet to learn about its dimensions and understand how it can fit in your vehicle.

Please get in touch to find out more.

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