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GridLift - A weight off crews' shoulders... and employers' minds

GridLift - A weight off crews' shoulders... and employers' minds


The Penny Hydraulics GridLift KJ250 can be installed on gully tankers and maintenance vehicles to lift heavy gully and drain covers out of the way for clear access during cleaning and jetting operations.

The Penny Hydraulics GridLift is an innovative device for lifting gully and drain covers, eliminating the need for risky manual handling!

Designed for installation on highways maintenance vehicles such as tankers the GridLift removes heavy covers out of the way to provide clear access to the gully for safe, efficient cleaning and maintenance. Crews can clear more gullies in the same time period with greater safety each operation only taking approximately two minutes.

Gridlift replaces alternative cover handling equipment which can be difficult to use and even unsafe.

Instead, Grid Lift incorporates two powerful hydraulic rams, one mounted horizontally to extend and retract the lifter and one mounted vertically to raise and lower the gully lid. The mechanism provides smooth, precise and accurate movements for the best possible combination of performance and safety. The unit is mounted laterally on the chassis of the vehicle usually a gully tanker - and can pivot through a small arc so that the cover can be moved aside for easy access and cleaning of the gully. A separate frame locks into place on the end of the vertical arm and attaches securely to the gully cover by simple twist clips that can accommodate castings with different profiles.

A remote control keypad allows maintenance crews to stand safely away from any moving parts during lifting and lowering. Two independent locking pins secure the device safely in the retracted position when the vehicle is moving to comply with vehicle safety regulations. The lift's 300kg capacity even makes light work of seized covers which have been impossible to free by conventional equipment. 

Let a GridLift do the hard work for you... contact us for today for more information.

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