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Getting the party started! Penny Hydraulics CellarLifts chosen by Revolution Bars Group

Getting the party started! Penny Hydraulics CellarLifts chosen by Revolution Bars Group


Revolution Bars Group is the latest national bar chain to benefit from specialist mechanical handling equipment from award-winning lifting equipment manufacturer Penny Hydraulics Ltd: the company has just had two specialist lifts installed to assist with safe drinks deliveries in their Reading and Southend premises.

Revolution Bars Group Plc is now made up of 67 premises across the UK. The first Revolution bar opened in Manchester in 1996. Now, 21 years later, there are 54 bars across the UK, specialising in premium vodka, food, cocktails and partying. The company aim to offer the UK’s best loved bars, achieved by creating an atmosphere that delivers an amazing customer experience.

Revolución de Cuba joined the party in 2011 and now has 13 bars across the country. It’s a melting pot, a fusion of flavours from Spain, Mexico and South America. Pair that with live entertainment and premium rum cocktails and you’ve got a full-on fiesta!

With all this partying going on, it’s not surprising that the Revolution Bars handle huge volumes of drinks on a daily basis, be it crates of bottles or beer barrels. Traditional methods for drinks deliveries are back breaking, time consuming and hazardous. The safe systems of work are easily overcome in an effort to speed up the operation, often resulting in damage to the building, broken containers and even injury.

CellarLifts which are designed and manufactured by Penny Hydraulics Ltd, are specialist hydraulically powered goods lifts which provide a robust, reliable and cost effective solution to the problems associated with deliveries. The lift eliminates the need in pubs and bars to handle barrels and drinks cases from the delivery point - usually the street-level pavement door flaps - down to the cellar by hand. Over 30 years of experience has gone into the current CellarLift design, which is in use with the major pub chains and restaurants in the UK and Revolution Bars are the latest bar chain to specify the lifts for their Reading and Southend premises.

Following a free and no-obligation site survey, the bespoke lifts were designed and manufactured by Penny Hydraulics to fit the cellar drop at each of the premises exactly.The Vertical CellarLift, for vertical cellar drops, carry up to a 54-gallon beer barrel, or a double stack of drinks cases. The lifts are incredibly compact: occupying minimum floor space. In addition, the Sloping CellarLift can be fitted where an existing ramp or skid is in place. Each one suits the angle of the ramp in the building. The lifts, which are suitable for all barrel sizes, are controlled via hold-to-run controls and no lift pit is required, meaning no expensive and disruptive building works are needed.

Both CellarLifts were manufactured in the UK allowing the bespoke designs to be installed within short lead times. Comprehensive project management helped from site assessment through the design, manufacture and installation phases of the project.

The specialist goods lifts are CE marked and comply with relevant UK legislation and regulations including the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 and The Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. Penny Hydraulics own nationwide team of service and installation engineers carried out the rapid installations.

“We’re delighted that Revolution Bars Group have chosen the CellarLift,” said Robin Penny, Penny Hydraulics Managing Director. “The lifts not only offer major safety improvements for the venues, but also fewer staff will be required to handle drinks deliveries, which in turn leads to improved cost efficiency.”

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