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Cellar Lift in the Brewery

Cellar Lift in the Brewery

The Penny Hydraulics Cellar Lift is a unique device for handling loads between two floors in breweries. Originally developed over 20 years ago for pubs, the Cellar Lift is now widely used in breweries by customers including Fullers, Timothy Taylors and Bathams. It offers an excellent combination of flexibility and productivity but just as importantly it removes the need for manual handling so that brewers can comply with health and safety regulations.

In most cases the Cellar Lift is configured for vertical lifting to handle items between existing access points such as trapdoors, although a sloping version is also available for situations where access points are offset. The compact design allows it to be installed in almost any position without getting in the way of other equipment or taking up valuable workspace. It can be fitted with a cradle to handle a full 54 gallon barrel or small platform for general items weighing up to 300kg. Many breweries use their Cellar Lift for handling malt and other ingredients as well as barrels, crates and gas bottles.

The unique hydraulic mechanism ensures the Cellar Lift is quiet, simple and reliable. There is no need to excavate a lift pit at the base and it runs off a standard 240 volt supply which means it can be positioned in most locations with little or no additional electrical work. Solid construction with galvanised steel components promotes durability and provides excellent protection against corrosion and wear in damp brewing environments. This also means the Cellar Lift can be installed outside against the building to lift items between access doors. In this way the unit takes up no interior space and can replace the old external hoists used to raise deliveries to the upper floors.

Careful design ensures productivity is not compromised. The rapid lifting and lowering speed of 0.5m/s means an average 2.5 metre drop between floors is covered in just five seconds. This is simpler, safer and more productive than carrying items by hand. A hold-to-run system cuts power and stops the lift whenever the user releases the control lever for optimum safety.

All Cellar Lifts are manufactured by Penny Hydraulics in the UK to the precise requirements of the specific location and customer. The company’s exacting quality assurance standards ensure safe, economical and reliable performance with long maintenance-free service intervals. The company provides a complete design, installation and training service with a nationwide network of engineers to minimise downtime and ensure the continued reliability of the Cellar Lift. Its comprehensive after sales service and maintenance programme is also designed to provide complete peace of mind and help customers meet their statutory inspection and maintenance obligations.

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