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ATS Euromaster Promotes Safe Tyre Handling with 100 More Single Wheel Lifts from Penny Hydraulics

ATS Euromaster Promotes Safe Tyre Handling with 100 More Single Wheel Lifts from Penny Hydraulics


Leading tyre supplier ATS Euromaster has ordered another 100 Penny Hydraulics Single Wheel Lifts to promote safe and efficient tyre handling on its fleet of commercial dual purpose and truck service vehicles. The Single Wheel Lift has become the preferred choice by ATS Euromaster because it allows all sorts of tyres and wheels to be lifted on and off service vans without the need for manual handling which helps reduce the risk of personal injury to service technicians and enables the company to comply with health and safety regulations. The Single Wheel Lift also allows service technicians to lift tyres into their enclosed vans at the roadside or a customer’s premises so that they can undertake repairs inside the vehicle more safely, with greater convenience and added protection from the elements.

“ATS Euromaster is very health and safety conscious and we always specify equipment to help and protect employees in the work place,” says Tim Richards, Group Vehicle and Equipment Manager at ATS Euromaster. “Mechanical lifting is the way to go. The best type of van for the job is enclosed and the Penny Hydraulics Single Wheel Lift is the ideal product for that type of vehicle.”

ATS Euromaster was established in 1961 and is now one of the UK’s largest domestic and industrial full service tyre distributor and fleet market specialist. The company has been undertaking a restructuring programme to streamline and centralise many of its operations and is now the largest company in the UK with capabilities across the full range of tyres for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural vehicles. It covers the whole of the UK including Northern Ireland and many of the remotest Scottish Isles offering services to commercial and fleet customers with multi-purpose requirements.

The supply and service of commercial vehicle tyres necessarily involves handling heavy objects. ATS Euromaster operates a fleet of over 950 service vehicles and each has a mechanical lifting device such as a crane or platform lift to eliminate manual handling and help reduce back injuries and similar conditions which are the biggest cause of time off work at the company. Penny Hydraulics has been the company’s the main supplier of vehicle-mounted load handling equipment such as the Single Wheel Lift for the past three years.

“We wanted a supplier with the tyre handling products and nationwide support to match our own operations,” says Tim Richards. “Nobody has the combination of product and support offered by Penny Hydraulics.”

The Penny Hydraulics Single Wheel Lift is vehicle mounted platform lift with a maximum working load of 300kg that can be installed at the rear or side door for handling tyres of all sizes including those from large commercial vehicles, fork lift trucks and mobile cranes. When mounted inside the side door the Single Wheel Lift enables repairs to be made on the hard shoulder or at the roadside eliminating the risks associated with working at the rear of the vehicle. This also reduces dramatically the space required to park because there is no need to leave access to the rear of the vehicle.

The unit’s unique rollered platform and easy to operate locking device creates the ideal environment for repairing and re-grooving tyres inside or outside the vehicle. Working inside an enclosed vehicle ensures that service technicians have easy access to tools, equipment and spare parts and can undertake repairs safely, efficiently and with added protection from the elements when at the roadside or at a customer’s premises. During transportation a wheel and tyre can be locked onto the lift for additional safety and to reduce the risk of damage to load, device or vehicle.

The latest order from ATS Euromaster will bring the total number of Single Wheel Lifts delivered to the company by Penny Hydraulics in the last 18 months to more than 200. All of the Single Wheel Lifts are used on the tyre supplier’s fleet of dual purpose and truck service vehicles.

In addition to the Single Wheel Lift, ATS Euromaster also uses the Penny Hydraulics Tyre Lift at a number of its depots to lift tyres and wheels between ground level and first floor or mezzanine workshop and storage areas. The company also uses a number of solid tyre presses made by Penny Hydraulics to service industrial vehicles including fork lift trucks.

Penny Hydraulics designs and manufactures lifting and load handling equipment for use in a wide range of applications. Products include the Swing Lift range of medium duty cranes for use on pick-ups, drop-sides and flat-beds and the Step Lift, Load Lift and Tail Lift lifting platform ranges for use on pick-ups, drops-sides and vans. The company also manufactures the Mezz Lift for handling loads between ground floor and mezzanines and specialist equipment for handling wheels, tyres and barrels in vehicles and at customers’ premises. Penny Hydraulics is a privately owned family business based in Clowne, Derbyshire.

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