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A fantastic start for the Configurator

A fantastic start for the Configurator


Penny Hydraulics launched the first-of-its-kind online 'Configurator' tool for vehicle-mounted lifting equipment in April. Since its launch, the Configurator has been used over 500 times to help people understand which vehicle-mounted lifting solution is suitable for them.

In April of this year,  Penny Hydraulics launched a vehicle-mounted lifting equipment online tool called the ‘ Configurator’. Our aim was to revolutionise the way in which vehicle-mounted lifting equipment is specified and bought, empowering our customers to make informed choices on a crane or lifting platform.

Since its introduction to the market, the Configurator has been used over 500 times and had its first sale. We’re always looking for ways to refine the Configurator to make the customer experience as positive as possible, if you have any feedback please email us on


Not used the Configurator yet? It’s quick and easy….

An intuitive step by step process guides the user through a number of options and questions, before suggesting one, or a number of suitable cranes or hydraulic vehicle lifts to suit the vehicle model and required application. The user is presented with dimensional drawings, specification information, product imagery and a brochure - useful pre-purchase information which may all be downloaded directly from the configurator in PDF format. At this stage, the user can also opt to receive a rapid quotation or request an on-site demonstration. On request, the data collected through the tool is digitally sent to one of Penny Hydraulics’ Area Sales Managers in real-time, who then supply the relevant price and availability information to the user.

Effectively, Penny Hydraulics are allowing users to start the buying process on their own terms, but by no means is the tool a replacement for personnel. Advice and technical support is available throughout the entire specification and buying process and customers who prefer to simply pick up the phone to order their equipment, need extra advice, or require support using the tool have various contact options available, including; phone; instant chat via the Penny Hydraulics website; or email.

The configurator aims to provide an enriched and more convenient sales experience for customers – interested parties can browse, narrow down their crane and lift options quickly and easily online and download all the information they need about the product to enable an informed buying decision without having to physically contact an engineer or salesperson if they do not wish to. Knowing that, behind the scenes, sales personnel are then reviewing the data, gives users peace of mind that they have an expert ‘seal of approval’.

The configurator draws from Penny Hydraulics’ full range of award-winning vehicle mounted lifting equipment. This includes the ultra-lightweight SwingLift electric cranes suitable for both vans and pickups, the powerful PH Cranes for pick-ups and trailers as well as our unique hydraulically powered LoadLift suitable for vans. Both the LoadLift and PH Crane ranges incorporate hydraulic control for smooth and precise load handling. Such equipment is currently used by the major fleets such as British Telecom, Royal Mail, Skanska, United Utilities and more.

If you haven't already - check out the Configurator now:

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