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​Penny Hydraulics Freeze Prices on Goods Lifts to Help Industries During Covid Pandemic

​Penny Hydraulics Freeze Prices on Goods Lifts to Help Industries During Covid Pandemic


The hospitality and leisure industries have faced many challenges in the past twelve months. Restrictions and forced closures throughout the pandemic have had a significant impact. Penny Hydraulics recognise this and have made the decision to hold the prices 2020 of our Goods Lift range.

Pubs, hotels and restaurants have faced enough turmoil throughout the pandemic. We wanted to show support, where we can, by freezing the prices of our CellarLift range. Making the innovative lifting solutions accessible to owners’ says Robin Penny, Managing Director. ‘Hospitality is one of the largest sectors of the UK economy, our products enable the safe and quick delivery of food and drink to the establishments. This will allow them to cope with the increased demand when restrictions are eased. With increased demand, safe and efficient deliveries of food and drink will improve the supply process. Our lifts also enable the safe removal of empty barrels and past its best goods from the cellar.’

The good news is that the price freeze doesn’t end with CellarLift! Due to improvements in the design and manufacturing process at our HQ in Chesterfield, prices for the range of MezzLifts and BayLifts will remain at the same competitive prices. ‘Our goods lifts enable businesses to grow and flourish, as companies have been adapting to market changes over the last year. Despite rising parts costs we have been working hard to make efficiency savings in both manufacture and install. It is important for us to pass on the savings that we have made to our customers to keep business moving’ – Jocelyn Cole (CEng), Goods Lift General Manager.

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