Chandelier Winch System from Raising & Lowering Systems

Raising and Lowering Systems (R & L Systems) are the leading authority in the installation and maintenance of winch and hoist systems for chandeliers and other lighting installations in the UK.

Multi-Rope Raising & Lowering Systems

For larger and/or heavier objects, directional light fittings and lighting bars that need multiple attachment points we would recommend a multi-rope winch system. Multi-rope systems are the best solution for raising and lowering larger objects and objects where the weight is not distributed evenly. They can be controlled by a wired pendant, wireless remote or even wired into home automation systems.

Leeds Town Hall Chandelier Winch System Case Study

In 2019, Penny Hydraulics installed 7 Chandelier Winch Systems as part of Leeds Town Hall’s major refurbishment of its roof. We speak to Simon Stockton, Operations Director of Leeds Town Hall about his experience of using the systems and working with Penny Hydraulics.

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