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How to Create More Space in Your Warehouse

How to Create More Space in Your Warehouse

by Daniel Casey

Looking to increase storage capacity in your warehouse?

You’re not alone.

Storage space availability has been under considerable pressure and many operators struggle to find necessary space.

Improving your storage capacity can easily be achieved with a few tweaks. Helping you to save money, avoid missed sales, and increase employee productivity.

Here are our top tips…

Plan, Plan, and Plan Again

When evaluating your warehouse storage space, it’s important to plan and quantify your space based on capacity and utilisation. By understanding the flow of the current layout, you can work to improve it based on the way you work.

Use Space Vertically

Often, warehouses are designed to be flexible spaces but some waste valuable vertical space that could be used for additional storage. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you’re using all the vertical space available.

Take a look up and examine how much unused space you have and plan how best to use it. Could you add another level?

By adding another level to your storage warehouse, you can create added space and improve efficiency. However, adding an entirely new floor can be time-consuming, expensive, and architecturally challenging. A mezzanine with a lift is an alternative option…

Don’t misuse the space in your warehouse.

Use a Mezzanine

A mezzanine floor installation is one of the best things to increase the amount of space in your warehouse without the need to move premises.

A mezzanine improves warehouse storage space by adding an extra level in the most economical way possible. By adding a platform, you can increase the amount of what you store in the same way as adding shelves, only this is a shelving system that your workers can walk on safely.

Increased storage capacity means you can keep more products on hand, so you’ll be able to fulfil orders in a timely manner without accumulating backorders for your most popular items or risking sales.

Pair Your Mezzanine with a Lift

With an extra floor, you have potential to supply more product quicker, especially when you can access that floor and retrieve your stock efficently. Mezzanine floor lifts are one of the quickest, safest, and most secure ways to move stock between floors, while keeping your staff and operators safe.

Mezzanine lifts are vertical platform lifts with up to 1000kg capacity. Enabling users to move goods alone or on crates, trolleys or pallets safely and efficiently between two or more floors. They suit numerous requirements and applications within buildings, such as warehouses, stores, factories and workshops.

Mezzanine goods lifts enable you to increase warehouse space.

A safe and efficient solution, mezzanine goods lifts enable you to increase warehouse space and improve the efficiency of your business, helping streamline processes. As well as improving productivity, mezzanine lifts improve safety too, which is a priority in your workplace.

Mezzanine goods lifts have several built-in safety features including interlocked gates that prevent opening when the lift is not in the correct place and the platform is not docked at the appropriate landing. The lift is also operated using ‘push hold to run’ controls and emergency stop buttons, providing an additional factor of safety to the lift. Afterall, when it comes to manual handling, you want the best solutions for your staff to protect them and their safety.

Mezzanines from Penny Hydraulics

Penny Hydraulics’ mezzanine floor goods lifts are manufactured in the UK allowing both standard and bespoke designs to be installed within short lead times.

Our comprehensive project management team help you from site assessment through the design, manufacture, and installation phases of the project, including whole life maintenance.

Improved handling efficiency, better utilisation of space and enhanced safety can all be achieved with a mezzanine lift from Penny Hydraulics. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you increase storage capacity in your warehouse.

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