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Goods Lift FAQs

Goods Lift FAQs

All the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our range of goods lifts.

What is the lead time for a goods lift?

All goods lifts have a lead time of 4–6 weeks from placing the order.

How do I know what goods lift to choose?

Depending on what you are wanting to lift, will determine the type of goods lift you will need.

The MezzLight can handle larger goods like pallets and trolleys, and transport them to a second or third floor, which can be in a warehouse, factory, retail store or workshops.

The Cellar Lift is more suited to barrels and crates etc. which will transport the goods from down in the cellar. If you need more information on which lift is ideal for you, then you can send a query to or call 01246 811475 and speak to a knowledgeable member of staff.

What information do you need from me to specify a goods lift?

To be able to specify a goods lift we would need to know:

  • What you are wanting to lift
  • The size opening of the building to make sure the lift will fit
  • How everything is packaged, so if it is on a pallet etc.
  • The floor-to-floor height you are wanting the lift to go
  • How the lift will be loaded — will the goods be wheeled onto the lift, or will the goods be loaded on at waist height
  • The size and dimensions of the goods lift
  • If you have plans of the building then it helps if you can send them through to us if you require a quotation or advice

I need help specifying my goods lift, what are my options?

You can contact the sales office or contact your area manager

Mezz lift FAQs

Everything you need to know about our range of mezzanine floor goods lifts.

What are the site/building requirements for a Mezz Lift?

Before any project is undertaken, one of our mezzanine goods lift consultant team undertakes a full site survey to determine the exact lift specification for the required application.

What are the electrical requirements for a Mezz Lift?

Standard mezzanine lifts require a 20Amp/240 Volt 50Hz single-phase electrical supply. This should be determined in a double pole switch. If circuit breakers are employed in the system then they must be of a type that can cope with the surge of an electrical motor. Lifts can also be supplied as 415 Volt, 3 phase units where required. This table will give you a better idea of the electrical requirements needed.

240 Volt 9.5 Amp 1.5 kW 1 Ph IP54
240 Volt 12.6 Amp 1.8 kW 1 Ph IP54
240 Volt 13.0 Amp 2.2 kW 1 Ph IP55
415 Volt 4.8 Amp 2.2 kW 3 Ph IP55

How many floors can a MezzLift go?

A Mezzlift will go to a maximum of 2 floors, except the 3-tier MezzLift which has a maximum of 3 floors.

What is the maximum floor to floor height possible for a MezzLift?

This depends upon site circumstances, duty, and model of lift. A good rule of thumb is that it becomes more difficult to make a MezzLift over 4.0 metres and so standard prices will not apply. Call us for assistance.

What is the maximum weight a MezzLift can lift?

Depending on what type of MezzLift you are looking for, the maximum weight can differ. For example, a Heavy Duty MezzLift can lift a maximum of 1000kg, whereas a MezzLight can only lift a maximum of 250kg.

Cellar lift FAQs

What is the maximum floor-to-floor height possible for a Cellar Lift?

The maximum floor-to-floor for a Cellar Lift will depend on the type of lift you are looking for. The vertical Cellar Lift has a maximum height of 3800mm, whereas the sloping Cellar Lift has a maximum height of 8000mm

What is the maximum weight a Cellar Lift can lift?

The maximum weight for a vertical Cellar Lift is up to 54 gallons. A sloping Cellar Lift can handle a full 54-gallon barrel or general items weighing up to 300kg.

Baylift FAQs

What height does a BayLift operate to?

The maximum height a BayLift will operate to is 1500mm.

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