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Victory Workwear Gets A Lift

Victory Workwear Gets A Lift

Victory Workwear Gets A Lift

Victory Workwear, Aldershot, UK

Victory Workwear Gets A Lift
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Ref: PEN07/29

Commercial laundry Victory Workwear is making better use of the available space at its Aldershot site after installing a Mezz Lift from Penny Hydraulics. The Mezz Lift is used to handle a variety of wet and dry garments and other items between the ground floor laundry and first floor finishing and stores area. This greater handling flexibility has allowed Victory Workwear to increase the variety and size of loads while reducing the need for manual handling.

“The Penny Hydraulics Mezz Lift stood out and does exactly what we want at much less cost than other products we looked at,” says David Kelly, Director of Victory Workwear. “It was difficult to move items between the ground and first floors before we had it.”

Based in Aldershot, Victory Workwear offers a range of commercial laundry services to customers in the area. Items are washed on the ground floor of the company’s 8000ft2 (744m2) laundry before some items are transferred in tubs to the first floor for finishing and preparation for return to customers. Dried items are then handled in roll cages back down the ground floor for despatch. Although the company has a rail system this does not fully support the flexibility needed to handle a growing variety of loads between the two floors three metres apart. The company also wanted to make better use of potential first floor storage areas by making it easier to cope with general items without handling them manually.

The company approached Penny Hydraulics and other potential suppliers for a solution. It selected the Mezz Lift because it offered a practical and cost effective solution to the requirement which involved minimal disruption to the ongoing operations in the laundry.

“The Mezz Lift was very simple to set up and is easy to use,” says David Kelly. “It works exceptionally well.”

The Penny Hydraulics Mezz Lift is a robust and versatile platform lift for handling all sorts of loads up to 300kg safely and efficiently between two floors such as ground floor and mezzanine level. It offers users a cost effective way to comply with manual handling regulations and reduce the risk of injury to employees. The entire handling process can be undertaken by a single person using the Mezz Lift without any manual lifting to promote safety and productivity.

Compact design minimises the Mezz Lift’s footprint without restricting the available storage space and working area. Robust construction using steel components ensures the Mezz Lift can be installed indoors or outdoors for reliable and productive use. Self-contained hydraulic power provides smooth and precise operation with no need for a floor pit. The lifting speed of 0.5m/s means that the three metre distance between the floor and mezzanine at Victory Workwear is covered in just six seconds. A unique hold-to-run system promotes safety by stopping the lift whenever the control lever is released. Additional safety features include overload protection. Penny Hydraulics supplied the Mezz Lift with interlocked gates to prevent entry to the working area while the lift is moving.

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