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Severn Trent tap into Penny Hydraulics range of SwingLifts to help to improve their workflow

Severn Trent tap into Penny Hydraulics range of SwingLifts to help to improve their workflow

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Severn Trent
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Penny Hydraulics provided specialist conversions partner Bott with 13 electric SwingLift cranes for their conversions contract for Severn Trent.

The Brief

Severn Trent are a water authority based in the Midlands and are responsible for water supply management, and waste water treatment and disposal. They get their name from their location between two of Britain’s largest rivers. The utilities company has updated its fleet with 13 new Volkswagen Crafters. The vans have been converted by specialist conversions company Bott, who added racking for storage and our MiniLoader 500 Long Boom to solve their moving and handling challenges.

Severn Trent tap into Penny Hydraulics range of SwingLifts to help to improve their workflow
Severn Trent tap into Penny Hydraulics range of SwingLifts to help to improve their workflow

The Challenge

As they are updating their fleet with new VW Crafters, Severn Trent specified that they require a lifting solution to be added to the vehicle. Due to its existing in-service success with the Severn Trent fleet, the MiniLoader 500 with long boom was chosen again to provide a solution to Severn Trent’s on-site lifting needs. 

The Solution

The ML500LB SwingLift crane allows the Severn Trent team to park their vehicle next to wells and raise and lower industrial pumps to maintain/refurbish and help them to carry out their job.

The ML500LB is a perfect solution as it

  • is ultra-lightweight weighing from just 76KG using very little of the van's payload.
  • is compact taking up very little space and leaving a large working area for the workforce to store items and to work in.
  • has a 30-foot rope and a Max Working Load of 500KG the ML500LB can comfortably move the items that Severn Trent workers need to move on and off the vehicle and up and down wells.
  • is already tried and tested by Severn Trent in the field

Teaming up With Bott to Provide the Complete Working Solution

BottPenny Hydraulics have again teamed up with specialist vehicle converters Bott on this project. Bott installed van racking into the vehicle, as well as the external graphics for the Crafters, before adding our SwingLift ML500LB and handing the keys to Severn Trent. Penny Hydraulics and Bott have a rich history of working together, celebrating over 25 years of collaboration in 2018.

From design & manufacture to supply and installation, Bott has a strong reputation for high product quality, service excellence, and value for money. From simple van racking, to more complex on-board communications technology and power generation – Bott has the expertise and capability to deliver van conversion solutions to fit their customers’ needs. Find out more on the Bott website.

About Severn Trent

Severn Trent

In 1989, privatisation of the water industry saw the formation of Severn Trent Plc, the parent company for Severn Trent Water. As a private company, Severn Trent Water invested heavily in replacing and repairing its assets and infrastructure. As well as complying with government legislation it set its own internal standards on issues such as public health, leakage reduction and the cleanliness of rivers and other water sources in its catchment region.

The group also began to build a products and services business in the United States beginning with the acquisition of Capital Controls Company in 1990. Since that time, Severn Trent Plc has built a portfolio of companies, known as Severn Trent Services. Severn Trent Services provides water and waste water treatment and operating services to utilities, municipalities and commercial customers.

Severn Trent love bringing their wonderful water to millions of customers every day. Which is why their teams work incredibly hard, 24 hours a day, 52 weeks a year to make sure that their customers taps continue to flow and their waste water is safely taken away.

Integrated Partners of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles


Penny Hydraulics are proud integrated partners of VW Commercial Vehicles. The Converter Recognition Scheme is a programme designed by VW to offer a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke conversions through Volkswagen’s dedicated Van Centre network that are provided by converters who have been audited to VW’s high standards of quality and have been successfully approved. Find out more on the VW Vans Website.

Severn Trent tap into Penny Hydraulics range of SwingLifts to help to improve their workflow
Testimonial Image
Our partnership with Bott allows us to provide lifting solutions to customers with large fleets such as Severn Trent. We're really pleased that Severn Trent have come back to us once again for the ML500 as a lifting solution - it proves that it is the correct solution for their application.
Daniel Casey - Marketing Manager
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