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Penny Hydraulics Goods Lift for Soho House

Penny Hydraulics Goods Lift for Soho House

Penny Hydraulics Goods Lift for Soho House

Founded in London in 1995 as a private members’ club for people in the creative industries, Soho House & Co has since opened clubs across Europe and North America, as well as restaurants, cinemas, workspaces, spas and bedrooms.

As long-standing Penny Hydraulics goods lift customers, Soho House contacted the company to install a goods lift to help them accept food, drinks and beer deliveries in barrels into the cellar at their new restaurant venture on Holloway Road, London.

It was necessary when making the lift designs in CAD, for the design engineers to work around a man-hole in the floor of the drop area and still keep clear access. The goods lifts main supporting column and base plate had to be kept close to the back wall meaning that there was just 260mm of solid ground before the man-hole starts. The arms that unload the barrels were designed to carry them beyond the man-hole before dropping them to ground level. They were also able to hinge up to give unhindered access to a nearby drain. The cellar goods lift had to work over a height of 3 metres.

There was a requirement to fit new trap doors. A clear opening of at least 1000mm x 1000mm was specified.

A 20 amp, 240 volt, single-phase supply was required terminated in a double pole switch at the position marked in the cellar to the left hand side of the drop area. Control was via a hold to run handle close to this supply point. The lead-time was four weeks.

The goods lift was CE marked and Penny Hydraulics Ltd own nationwide team of service and installation engineers carried out a rapid installation of the lift.

The first year’s statutory insections (in accordance with LOLER), tests and maintenance were included in the project costs.

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