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Penny Hydraulics CellarLift for The Church Inn - Everards

Penny Hydraulics CellarLift for The Church Inn - Everards

Penny Hydraulics CellarLift for The Church Inn - Everards

Everards, the Leicestershire-based brewer and pub operator, purchased 5 new pubs at the start of 2013 totalling £2.3 million on acquisition and development costs. This included the Church Inn in Birmingham. The Hockley pub, which Everards has bought from Admiral Taverns, has had major renovation since they acquired it, including a new function room, roof garden and a refreshed interior as part of a £500,000 investment


Everards bought the pub as part of their new Project Artisan scheme, whereby the brewery partners with talented food and drink producers. In this case, local food and music entrepreneur Carl Finn has become the new licensee, helping to bring a new look and feel to the pub far away from the traditional mainstream.As part of the re-development, as well as the look and feel of the pub being updated it was important to Everards to have the latest technology in place to improve working processes on the premises and ensure safe systems of work. It was for this reason that Mark Tetlow, QA Manager at Everards Brewery, contacted Penny Hydraulics Ltd to design and install a goods lift to transport beer barrels between the Cellar and ground level to aid beer deliveries.

Mr Tetlow heard about Penny Hydraulics through working with the company on goods lift projects in other Everards premises, as Penny Hydraulics is currently responsible for the maintenance of goods lifts on 12 Everards sites throughout the estate.The goods lift installation at the Church Inn was not altogether straightforward as Robin Penny from Penny Hydraulics explains “The distance between levels was particularly large at well over 3 metres and the lift needed to operate up and down at an angle rather than vertically due to the existing ramp in the building. The sloping CellarLift was the obvious choice for the site. We simply designed the lift to fit the existing ramp exactly so no structural changes to the building were required.” The CellarLift was set with a maximum working capacity of 210kg to handle barrels up to 54 gallons.Now the lift has been successfully installed and is in operation it’s proving to be a vital tool for Carl Finn and his staff. Everards Mr Tetlow comments “Using goods lifts like the CellarLift at the Church Inn speeds up deliveries, reduces the risk of building and container damage and most importantly reduces the risk of staff injury due to unnecessary manual handling. This therefore, was a vital part of this refurbishment project.” Now installed, the CellarLift is covered by a Penny Hydraulics service contract meaning all required maintenance and Statutory Examinations & Tests are carried out giving Everards peace of mind that they are complying with current UK legislation.

Penny Hydraulics has been manufacturing goods lifts for over 35 years. In-house design and manufacturing capabilities allow quick and easy production of custom designed and built lifting equipment in the case of specialist requirements.
The commercial goods lift customer base ranges from high street retailers including Arcadia Group and Boots, to tyre suppliers such as ATS Euromaster and breweries and pub chains including JD Wethersoon, Young’s and Fullers.
For further information please contact the Goods Lift team on + 44 (0) 1246 811475.

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