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Palmers Brewery Installs First Cellar Lift

Palmers Brewery Installs First Cellar Lift

Palmers Brewery Installs First Cellar Lift

Palmers Brewery, Bridport, UK

Dorset-based Palmers Brewery is the latest SIBA member to install a Penny Hydraulics Cellar Lift for handling barrels and other containers at one of its pubs. The brewer selected its first Cellar Lift for use at the George Hotel in Bridport to help make it simpler and safer for its drayman to make deliveries from the roadside into the subterranean cellar.

“Health and safety is very important to us as a responsible company but so is the speed of drop so we wanted a lift that could help us meet both objectives,” says Darren Batten, Head Brewer at Palmers. “We decided to modernise and install the Cellar Lift as our first electric hoist.”

Palmers is based in historic Bridport and has been brewing beer since 1794. The company brews five cask-conditioned real ales and has an estate of 54 pubs across Dorset, Somerset and the West Country. It has made a significant investment in its cellars as part of its ongoing programme to guarantee consistent high quality of the beers it brews and serves.

The George Hotel is located on a busy road close to traffic lights. Palmers wanted to make it easier and safer for its drayman to make deliveries efficiently without unnecessarily disrupting other road users and pedestrians. With help from Penny Hydraulics the brewer removed an existing skid, modified the street-level access doors and then installed a vertical version of the Cellar Lift to handle containers from the roadside direct to the cellar below.

“The older hoists are slow and difficult to use but the new Cellar Lift is easier and safer,” says Darren Batten. “It’s well constructed and since it was installed we’ve had no complaints from the drayman.”

The Penny Hydraulics Cellar Lift is most widely used in pubs to handle loads between a street-level delivery hatch and an underground cellar. Items weighing up to 300kg, enough for a full 54 gallon barrel, are handled with control and precision with no need for manual handling, lifting or carrying on the part of the delivery driver or the pub landlord or manager. Vertical and sloping versions are available so that the device can be installed in almost any building or location.

Using a Cellar Lift avoids the need to roll or drop a container or barrel into the cellar which reduces the risks to delivery staff and bystanders. It also reduces the risk of damage to the load and the building, fixtures and fittings. Moreover the Cellar Lift makes it much easier to retrieve empty containers and ullage.

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