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Moorhouse's Installs Cellar Lift In Visitor Centre

Moorhouse's Installs Cellar Lift In Visitor Centre

Moorhouse's Installs Cellar Lift In Visitor Centre

Moorhouse's Brewery, Burnley, UK

Burnley-based Moorhouse’s Brewery has installed a Cellar Lift from Penny Hydraulics in the visitor centre of its brand new £4.5 million brewery complex to ensure the careful handling of cask beer and other items between the cellar and bar areas. The visitor centre is two metres below the level of the warehouse cellar and the brewery wanted a way to handle casks between the two which was safe, simple and reliable.Ref: PEN12/04

“We put in the Cellar Lift to promote health and safety and to reduce the risk of damage to the visitor centre structure,” says David Grand, Moorhouse’s Managing Director. “It makes it far easier to handle casks and other stock, whether in or out of the visitor centre. It’s well worth the money.”

Moorhouse’s was established in the Lancashire town in 1865 and today brews a range of award-winning real ales including cask and bottle conditioned beers. Many of these, such as Black Cat and Blond Witch, have names based on the story of the famous witches of nearby Pendle. Its five bottled beers all won medals at the International Beer Challenge in 2011 and the brewery recently became one of the first to be awarded the prestigious Distributor Charter Award by brewing watchdog Cask Marque for the quality of its distribution and delivery operation.

The new brewing complex opened in 2011 and has trebled Moorhouse’s capacity to more than 1000 brewer’s barrels-a-week – some 15 million pints-a-year. It is the first traditional style ‘tower brewery’ to be constructed for many years and the complex includes a visitor centre, complete with bar and bistro restaurant, and a premier training school.

The brewer asked Penny Hydraulics to install one of its Cellar Lifts in the visitor centre which is two metres below the main warehouse cellar. This unique handling device is widely used in pubs and breweries to handle loads such as casks, containers and crates between cellar and bar or delivery areas. Items weighing up to 300kg, enough for a full 54 gallon barrel, are handled with control and precision with no need for manual handling, lifting or carrying. The Cellar Lift avoids the need to roll or drop a container or barrel from the cellar which reduces the risks to staff and bystanders. It also reduces the risk of damage to the load and the building, fixtures and fittings.

All Cellar Lifts are manufactured by Penny Hydraulics in the UK to the precise requirements of the specific location and customer. Moorhouse’s selected the vertical version although a sloping model is also available, allowing installation in almost any building or location.

The rapid lifting and lowering speed of 0.5m/s means that the 2.0 metre drop between the cellar and visitor centre is covered in just four seconds. A hold-to-run system cuts power and stops the lift whenever the user releases the control lever for optimum safety. Components are fully galvanised for durability in the most arduous conditions.

“It works very well and is easy to use,” says David Grant. “It’s also reliable and low maintenance.”

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