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MezzPro mezzanine floor lift for Electroservices, Telford

MezzPro mezzanine floor lift for Electroservices, Telford

MezzPro mezzanine floor lift for Electroservices, Telford 

Buoyant Upholstery are a British manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of products to cover every aspect of seating comfort and design. Andrew Burnett, a representative from Buoyant Upholstery initially saw a Penny Hydraulics goods lift at another furniture manufacturers premises and realised this would be ideal for their premises in Lancashire too.

Penny Hydraulics installed a MezzPro mezzanine floor lift in 2011. The lift had a maximum working capacity of 500kg and operated between the ground floor and the mezzanine floor within the warehouse. This enabled the team to safely and quickly move furniture in and out of storage between the two floors. The mezzanine floor was installed to help Buoyant Upholstery maximise the space within their facility and acted as a heavily used storage area.

Buoyant Upholstery were drawn to Penny Hydraulics goods lifts as there was no need for a motor room or lift pit leading to immediate cost and space savings. Partnered with the fact that the rugged industrial frame and mechanism give low maintenance requirements and a long life span, this made the Penny Hydraulics MezzLift the perfect goods lift option.

The installation of the goods lift was such a success that Mr Burnett contacted Penny Hydraulics again in 2013 to see if it would be possible to modify the existing goods lift to go higher to reach a second mezzanine level that they were just having installed within the same warehouse. This would mean that the lift would span over 3 floors, giving a lift height of over 3 metres higher than previous!

After a site visit, detailed plans were annotated and supplied in autoCAD and full service and support was provided throughout every project stage. The outbound specialist goods lift engineers were able to quickly quote for the modifications to the existing lift following the site visit. The materials simply included the lift extension pieces, guard frame, additional gate and 3-tier interlock system which was exchanged with the existing 2 tier system.

Mr Burnett and his team again took advantage of Penny Hydraulics Limited nationwide, local service and maintenance programme for their 500kg capacity mezzanine floor lift. This gives Mr Burnett peace of mind that throughout the lift of the product our maintenance, repairs and refurbishment services will keep their goods and business moving. Planned maintenance programmes including scheduled annual Statutory Testing are also carried out in accordance with LOLER legislation.

Although we will not be increasing the height of this goods lift further (as we have run out of space!), we very much look forward to designing, manufacturing and installing further lifts in Buoyant Upholstery over the coming years as they grow the business and expand their facility.

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