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MezzPro Helps Storage Company Win Business

MezzPro Helps Storage Company Win Business

When it comes to choosing a Self-Storage company, customers want to know 3 key points:

  • Will my items be safe?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Will it be easy for me to move my items in and out of the facility?
  • These were main considerations for a new Self Storage unit in Lytham St, Annes.  

    ‘Customers want to know that it will be easy and safe to move their items between floors’ says Andy Griffiths, Penny Hydraulics Goods Lifts Sales Manager. ‘The thought of having to carry bulky and heavy boxes upstairs is more than enough to make a potential customer think twice about using your business.’

    The Self Storage Company approached Penny Hydraulics after the realisation that the without a goods lift there is a risk of losing out on business. 'It was at this point in the project where we only had specific dimensions to fit the lift, our design team did a great job and were able to meet his requirements. The Customer also wanted the platform of the lift to be a certain size to fit their trolleys which we were able to achieve.'

    The MezzPro was selected as the most suitable lifting solution as it has a lifting capacity of 500kg – more than enough for the self-storage customers. It's interlocked door system and hold-to-run operation make the movement of goods safe by drastically reducing the risk of injury.

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    As members of the Self Storage Association, Penny Hydraulics are no strangers to the value that goods lifts bring to these facilities.

    ‘We’ve worked with a number of self-storage companies to enhance their product offering and customer experience. It is a competitive market place and a goods lift can differentiate your business and help you to win more customers.’ – Dan Casey, Marketing Manager, Penny Hydraulics.

    Designed and Manufactured in the UK

    Penny Hydraulics design and manufacture its range of goods lifts at its UK base in Derbyshire. This enables us to control the manufacturing process tightly which speeds up production time and allows us to be flexible and work with customers project programmes.

    Installed by our installation team using our own equipment:

    As we have a dedicated installation team and provide our own access equipment (using our own range of vehicle-mounted lifting equipment) the price that we quote for installation has no hidden costs. Our team of installation engineers have years of experience installing goods lifts up and down the country in a range of settings.

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