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The MezzLight’s compact and self-contained design has minimal impact on the footprint of the building, and its safety features such as interlocked doors and hold-to-run operation encourage the prevention of injury.

The project has been an excellent example of how a goods lift can be an effective solution to manually handling boxes of goods between floors and thus reducing the risk of injury to a workforce.

Railway Accessories – MezzLight – Lift being used
“Statistics show that 35% of all work-related illnesses are musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).” “An MSD can affect muscles, joints and tendons in all parts of the body, they are often connected to incorrect manual handling. That equates to over 469,000 workers suffering from work-related MSDs in 2017/18 and over 6.6 million working days lost. Penny Hydraulics design, manufacture, install and maintain specialist lifting equipment to remove any requirement of manual handling.’

Richard Short, Sales Director of Penny Hydraulics tells us.

Railway Accessories – MezzLight – Lift being used 2
“Essentially they had a member of staff making countless trips up and down stairs with arms full of boxes.” “It was clear early on that a MezzLight with a bespoke platform size to accommodate their trolley would speed up their operation and take away the physical strain on their team”.

says Rob Thomson, Southern Area Sales Manager for Penny Hydraulics Goods Lifts.

MezzPro 500kg Goods Lift

IconCapacity 500 kg
IconPlatform Size 2000 x 1000 mm
IconTravel Height Up to 8 (m)
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MezzHD – 1000kg Goods Lift

IconCapacity 1000 kg
IconPlatform Size 1500 x 1500 mm
IconTravel Height Up to 8 (m)
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