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MezzLift Specification – CAT Marine Power, Wimborne

MezzLift Specification – CAT Marine Power, Wimborne

MezzLift Specification – CAT Marine Power, Wimborne Maximum Working Load



Floor to floor 3775mm

Platform Size

1400mm x 1500mm bespoke for application

Platform Guarding

900mm high frames to two sides to suit loading direction

Lift Speed

0.25 m/s

Number of stops

2 (ground and first)

Power Supply Required

415v, three phase and neutral terminated in an isolator at ground


Push to run controls adjacent to the gates at both levels

Drive Type

Chain drive, hydraulic motor (Double Mast)

Loading Configuration

Through 90°


None Required – 50mm fixed ramp provided

External Shaft Size

1680mm x 2010mm

Shaft Enclosure

Self supporting steel frame, 1” x 1” mesh filled

Door Type

2000mm Clear height double gates, protected by electrical interlocks to prevent access to the shaft unless the platform is docked at the appropriate level

Lift & Guard Colour



CE Mark and Declaration of Conformity

Operation and Maintenance Manual issue on completion

LOLER Report of Thorough Examination and Test issued on commission


Operator training carried out on completion

Safe Contractor Approved bsi-iso9001 bsi-iso9001 Construction Skills Certification Scheme bfbi NDA Supply Chain Charter Fit for Nuclear UVDB empowered by Achilles 1000 companies to inspire Britain Cyber Essentials Driving the Motor Industry

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