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Mezzanine Floor Lift Installed at Sytner, Nottingham

Mezzanine Floor Lift Installed at Sytner, Nottingham

Mezzanine Floor Lift Installed at Sytner, Nottingham

The Sytner Group is the UK's leading retailer of prestige cars. Mt Steve Maples, Bodyshop Manager at Sytners Nottingham branch contacted Penny Hydraulics Goods Liftsdepartment in June 2013 as he required a goods lift to move boxes and equipment between the ground floor and the mezzanine level in their Nottingham workshop.

A Penny Hydraulics MezzLift was specified by the Penny Hydraulics in-house engineering team following a free site assessment at Sytner. The lift was designed and manufactured with a maximum working load of 500kg and was enclosed in a self-supporting mesh shaft. The platform was sized to 2300mm x 1300mm to suit the trolleys, boxes and tooling the lift was to be moving and the platform was guarded with 900mm high mesh for safety on the two non-loading edges.

At the entrance to the lift at the upper levels 2000mm high gates were specified while at the lower level a gate was not installed but instead the customers’ fire doors were used with a vision panel. All doors were designed to be fitted with electrical interlocks to prevent the gates being opened unless the platform is docked at the appropriate level and prevent the lift being operated unless all gates are closed. Two entrances to the lift were incorporated into the design at ground level and a single entrance to the lift was drawn up at the first floor.

A 2.2kw, 415 volt, three-phase and neutral supply was required terminated in an isolator at the lower level. Controls were specified as a hold to run, push button control station adjacent to the gates at both levels.

The bespoke mezzanine floor goods lift was CE marked and designed and manufactured at Penny Hydraulics premises in the UK within a 4 week lead time

The customer opted for Penny hydraulics own nationwide team of service and installation engineers to carry out the necessary statutory inspections (as specified under LOLER legislation) and on-site training too.

The project has been such a success that recently a representative from Sytner has contacted the Penny Hydraulics goods Lift Department for a further 2 mezzanine floor lifts for their workshop in Tamworth.

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