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John Lewis Select Penny Hydraulics Loading Bay Goods Lift

John Lewis Select Penny Hydraulics Loading Bay Goods Lift

John Lewis Select Penny Hydraulics Loading Bay Goods Lift

As lifting equipment specialists, Penny Hydraulics frequently work with construction companies to install goods lifts in new buildings and renovations. In August 2011, we were contacted by a representative of Wates Retail to design, manufacture and install a goods lift at John Lewis, Reading.

The goods lift was required to assist with moving goods from storage areas onto the shop floor so it was important to get the specification exactly right. After discussion with the customer and a thorough no-obligation site survey, a BayLiftloading bay lift was specified by Penny Hydraulics design engineers at their HQ in Chesterfield and manufactured in the UK to suit the unique requirements. The BayLift is perfect in situations like this where the change in height is less than two metres. With this type of installation, there is no need for a lift pit which meant minimal changes to the shop floor itself.

The BayLift has a maximum working load of 500kg with a usable platform size of 2470mm x 1200mm, bigger than the Penny Hydraulics BayLift standard to maximise use of the goods lift for the variety of goods to be moved. This platform is 45mm deep and is therefore fitted with a three-way folding toe to act as a ramp on the loading edge. On the non-loading sides folding rails have been installed for safety. To prohibit unauthorised use, the platform can be folded vertically and secured in position and the controls are positioned in a lockable box.

The installation, testing and commissioning of the goods lift took place early in November and the Wates Retail team also decided to take advantage of a Penny Hydraulics goods lift planned maintenance programme. This means that all Statutory Inspections (LOLER tests) and any necessary on-site training will be taken care of. All this work was carried out by Penny Hydraulics nationwide team of specialist goods lift service and installation engineers.

The goods lift is now in use and provides a faster and safer route for moving goods within the store.


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