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Hand Loaded MezzLight Helps Canterbury Archaeological Trust Move Boxes Safely and Efficiently

Hand Loaded MezzLight Helps Canterbury Archaeological Trust Move Boxes Safely and Efficiently

Canterbury Archaeological Trust chose a Hand Loaded MezzLight to safely and efficiently move archive boxes between floors in their new premises. The lift was designed and installed by Penny Hydraulics to avoid the need to manually move items the boxes between floors, speeding up the process and reducing the risk of injury.

“It has been a delight working with Penny Hydraulics,” says Peter Atkinson, the project manager for the trust. “From design to survey to installation the whole job has run very smoothly with a lovely bunch of people.”

Canterbury Archaeological Trust was formed in 1976 to undertake excavations, research, publication and the presentation of the results of its work to the public. Over the past 40 years, they have generated a lot of paperwork and the thought of moving them between floors and the prospect of moving it manually was daunting.

“Peter found our company through the website and got in touch to discuss his moving and handling issue.” Rob Thomson, Goods Lift area sales manager tells us. “It was clear from our discussion that an interlocked 250kg Hand Loaded MezzLight would be the perfect solution for him by making the movement between floors more efficient and safe”

The compact and self-contained Handloaded 250kg MezzLight provided the Trust with the lifting capacity required and the capability to move items between floors with minimal disruption to the floorplan of the building.

The integrated hydraulic systems deliver smooth and precise operation with no need for a floor pit. This allowed Penny Hydraulics to complete the installation quickly, without any serious building works and causing very little disruption to the ongoing operations.

A hold-to-run system encourages safety by stopping the lift whenever the control lever is released. Additional safety features include overload protection. Penny Hydraulics supplied the Mezz Lift with interlocked gates and also installed interlocks on an existing hatch on the top floor to prevent entry to the working area while the lift is moving.

Peter was very complimentary of the team providing Penny Hydraulics with a glowing testimonial:

‘Jocelyn Cole was particularly patient drawing numerous drafts of the lift until we were happy. Also, Rob Thomson was very thorough with three site visits to get the exact measurements which paid off in the end with a perfect fit in a tight space. Can't praise you enough’

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