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External Goods Lift at Mohammedi Park Masjid Complex, Middlesex

External Goods Lift at Mohammedi Park Masjid Complex, Middlesex

External Goods Lift at Mohammedi Park Masjid Complex, Middlesex

The goods lift project at the Mohammedi Park Masjid Complex which is a large mosque situated in Middlesex is a brilliant example of a mezzanine floor goods lift which operates outside a building rather than inside.

Following a free no obligation site visit to the mosque, the Penny Hydraulics specialist Goods Lift team specified a Penny Hydraulics MezzLift Light with a maximum working load of 250kg. Due to space restrictions within the building, the lift was to be situated outside the building, operating up and down the outer wall. This was to enable the staff at the mosque to accept deliveries outside the building and allow them to be transported into the interior storage area at a higher level both swiftly and safely.

Due to the exterior setting, the Goods Lift engineers specified a galvanised weatherproof lift for durability. The mezzanine floor lift platform size was designed to a size of 850mm x 700mm to suit the existing structural constraints and the lift was designed to be self- supporting with a mesh shaft. The lift was designed to operate in a floor to floor height of 2755mm. The shaft blocked access through the walkway at the lower level so relevant checks needed to take place to ensure this was not a fire escape route.

At the lower level, the existing door into the building needed to be hinged so that it opened into the building, as once the lift was in place there would not be enough room to open the door out. At the upper level a new opening needed to be provided in the existing wall directly in line with the door at the lower level and a lockable gate installed. Behind this, a 1100mm high gate was interlocked to the lift. The gate needed to be 1100mm high to prevent any slips, trips and falls over the top of the gate and into the lift shaft. At the lower level a small fixed ramp was provided to assist loading on to the 50mm deep platform.

A 20 amp, 240 volt, single-phase supply was required terminated in a double pole switch at the position marked at the lower level. Control was via a hold to run, push button control station at the lower level only. As there is public access at the upper level it would not be sensible to have a control for the lift at the upper levels, unless this was to be made a keyed switch.

Having outbound specialist goods lift engineers to carry out the site visit and qualified design engineers back at Penny Hydraulics HQ enabled the team to quickly design and plan the project taking into account the constraints of the building taking into account practicalities and health and safety implications. The Mezz Light mezz floor goods lift was then manufactured at Penny Hydraulics HQ within a four week lead time and installed by the experienced installation team

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